We often create a problem to solve a problem. For example burning tyres and cars to get one’s demands met whereas what is needed is dialogue. Everyone have problem in their life and people are quickly able to solve them with the help of strategy that worked in the past but the problems become more difficult when there is no clear solution and approach for solving a problems. These problems cause a great deal of stress and anxiety and they require new and different approaches.

Arslan-Saleem-2Arslan Saleem has done BS Psychology. He is working as a Psychologist. He has deep interest in Yoga, Breathing Sciences and Meditation and He helped numerous people for recovery from Mental and Physical illness through Yoga and Breathing Exercises.

Editor: Maryam Shah

It is observe that mostly people create a problem to solve a problem but it is not a good strategy. You may identify an effective solution only when you have exact information about the causes of the problems. With no relevant data your efforts may be speak to the symptoms but not the causes of the problem. In order to define the problem perfectly you should look for information from as many other people as possible. This will help you to gain more intent view of the problem. And you may solve it effectively without creating any problem.



A problem is purely the difference between what you have at present and what you want. Its mean that anything, matter, person etc that is problematic to deal with, resolve or overwhelmed is a problem.