The lack of insight and denial that befalls individuals suffering from addiction has been widely chronicled. What this has necessitated is the use of interventions that nudge the one’s suffering from addiction towards seeking treatment. Interventions for drug and alcohol addiction have now become such a captivating subject matter that an entire TV series, spanning over 200 episodes, has been based upon it.  The show depicts people undergoing the process of intervention and its subsequent effects on the lives of those involved. An effective intervention can motivate an individual to seek help for his or her alcohol or drug problem and other forms of addictive behaviors. The immediate objective of an intervention is to have a discourse with an addict in a very non-provocative manner, coaxing him to identify his self-destructive behaviors and the effects that it has had on both him and his loved ones.

Arman AhmedArman Ahmed has done his MS in Clinical Psychology from Government College University, Lahore. He is also an alumni of Forman Christian College and Aitchison College Lahore. His research work includes experimental studies on concepts of emotion regulation, empathy and threatened egotism. His interests also extend to topics in the sphere of social psychology such as locus of control and superstitions.
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When it comes to drug addiction, the person suffering from ailment the problem struggles to acknowledge the real extent of his problem. For the loved ones of the addict, it is very difficult to stand by and witness the addict plunge himself into the pits of despair. When addicts deny having a problem with alcohol and drugs, most families simply find themselves in a position where they can do nothing more than watch the addict’s life unravel in front of their eyes. There is very little that can be done unless a person admits the need for help. A systematic intervention is considered to be the last resort for an addicted who has continually rejected treatment and experienced repeated relapses. Although people with whom such interventions are carried out and firmly entrenched in their addictive behaviors, but the presence of a strong social support increases the likelihood of them getting better.

interventionAn intervention is a carefully planned process in which family members and loved ones encourage an addict to get to terms with the consequences of his or her addiction, and accept appropriate treatment. It brings together the family and friends of the addict, all of whom care about the wellbeing of the person suffering from addiction. It sometimes involves the co-worker, and colleagues of the person who care about the fate of the person caught up in addiction. These individuals share specific incidents of destructive behaviors committed under the influence, and the impact that they had on all those who were involved. Family and friends hold up a mirror to the addicted individual and urge him to accept help before hitting bottom and doing irreparable damage to his life.

Here is video of a family intervention process:
Intervention: When someone needs help but refuses to accept it