Alcoholism (Alcohol dependence or addiction) can be managed but it cannot be cured. In simple words, even if alcoholic has been in long-term recovery and living a healthy life, remain vulnerable to relapse. This can again lead to vicious cycle of addiction. Most of the alcohol addicts regret having a disease that is not curable. The best way to manage this disease is to get a treatment based on medication, psychotherapy and social support groups. If anyone has become an addict there is no pill that can alone vanish the alcohol craving or his need to drink.

Sibtain MustafaMr. Sibtain Mustafa currently serves as the Clinical Psychologist at Willing ways Lahore. He has done Master’s in Clinical Psychology, from University of Karachi, Karachi. He has served as an internee at Anti Narcotics Force-ANF Rehabilitation Center, Karachi. During his internship he developed understanding of basic concepts in addiction. Furthermore he has worked as a trainee psychologist in Alleviate Addiction Suffering (AAS) Trust, Karachi.

Editor: Saad Shaheed

Baclofen is a drug under debate, to cure alcoholism. Dr Ameisen was suffering from alcohol addiction, later claimed to have a cure for alcoholism. He went through several treatments and also followed AA (Alcoholic Anonymous) program but was not able to control his urge to drink. Being a physician he believed there must be some chemical involved in cause of his addiction. He wanted to discover a cure for alcoholism rather than treating it through a spiritual or psychosocial program, which he found not helping for him. DrAmeisen had suffered from muscular tension and anxiety and he was also convinced that it was the root of his problem. He believed that alcoholism is a physical condition that can be treated with a drug.


DrAmeisen claimed that he had cured his addiction with Baclofen. This drug was formulated in 1920s, often used to treat multiple sclerosis and spasticity. Baclofen is a muscle relaxant but when used with addicts, showed better results. Baclofen continues to be tested but there are numerous findings that support the use of baclofen. Researches proved that this drug shows to have effect on panic attacks and help to cope with obsessional thinking about alcohol. Evidence revealed that it suppressed the intake of cocaine in addicted rats. In a recent study of 132 heavy drinkers, 80 percent either completely shrugged off alcohol or became moderate drinkers.