Eating must be a source of health and pleasure. But for many among us it is neither one of them. We all know that a poor diet damages our health. In modern society excessive concerns about body shape and weight management leads people towards dieting. There are two fundamental element of good eating, i.e., what to eat, and how to eat. Over last two decades, a great amount of research has been carried out to assess a relationship between diet and disease. Practically speaking there is no good or bad food. Only good or bad diet exists. The important issue is how much fat is there in a diet which can be fatal.

talhaa1Muhammad Talha Khalid has been working as a Clinical Psychologist at Willingways since Feb, 2016. His education is M.S Clinical Psychology from International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan. He did his M.Sc. Psychology from University of Sargodha with 3rd position in the university. He has successfully done two individually based projects which are, Non-Formal education program (Punjab Literacy Movement Project) for Clients of Substance Use & Manipulation of “Token Economy” system for “Behavior Modification” in Mian Afzal Trust Hospital, Gujranwala.

Editor: Hameeda Batool

The main problem about eating is the way we eat. The core belief lies in anyone’s cultural tides. A research has found that 80% of population has tried to diet at some time in their lives. Ironically if we look at an active group of people in sports; such as tennis and foot ball, we can find widely different shapes and weights, many of which do not conform to the fashionable norm. Dieting seems to be rather like a cultural disease, or even worse than an epidemic. Fashion dictates, and fashion at the moment favors slimness for men but especially for women. Therefore to look good it is important to be slim.


Now we look at determinants of weight and shape. But first there are two important things which should be mentioned about the message of slimness. The first is that slimness is not always healthy. The second is it is not easy to lose weight. It is because weight and shape are not only determined by what we eat but many other factors make their contributions as well. Some of them are mentioned below.

Genetics: There is a strong genetic influence on body shape, size and weight. It seems that what any individual inherit goes a long way to determine our shape and weight.

Metabolism: Our body acts, possibly for genetic reasons but also according to our age and activity levels. The way that our bodies use food is not fixed and static. It changes according to how we treat it, and tends to protect itself from the effects of dieting.