According to dictionary “relapse” is simply a condition in which person fall back into a former state, especially after apparent improvement”. In the terms of addiction relapse is a process in which the person comes out from abstinence and start using the substance again. We all are very much aware of the primary destructive nature of disease of addiction. It affects the functionally of a person in many areas.

fawad-aly-shahResearchers have proved that fact approximately half of the addicts who knocks at the door of sobriety enter and stay and rest them may stay for a time and have one or more relapses and revolving themselves in the circle of relapse and sobriety. It is not out of question that before eventually relapsing addicts have gone through the process of treatment which involves addiction counseling and traditional psychotherapy. Relapse and recovery are intimately related. Addict cannot experience recovery from addiction without experiencing a tendency toward relapse. This mistaken belief about recovery should be taking into account that relapse tendencies are normal and natural part of recovery process. These tendencies should be dealt with openly and honesty. If addict will undermine these phenomena then these tendencies grow stronger. These are like poison mushrooms which grow best in the darkness. The light of clear thinking and appropriate skills will kill relapse tendencies very quickly.

Here are tips which are quite helpful in relapse tendencies. These skills are necessary to learn as after acquiring and practicing it will add a decisive element in your arsenal to overcome addiction efficiently.

Deep breathing:

Whenever some sort of confusion comes into the mind of an addict about the treatment of his disease. This is a major sign that relapsing is trying to grip in. Immediate action of deep breathing should be taken. As deep breathing relaxing the muscles and throw away the extra stress caused by disturbing thoughts of reliving the drug. By deep breathing addict can ventilate all his stress and anxieties. It is a very old age phenomena through which people treat their malfunction practices.

Avoiding slippery friends places and events:

This is necessary to avoid slippery friends and places. As these all factors are strong reasons for the addict to relive the memories of past and trigger a cue for active drug use, these friends places and events have created a strong hurdle in the mind of the addict against to embrace change. It is seen that people get upset when others challenge what they believe in. For an addict drugs are his reality; friends, places and events are those which supports the realm.

Turning to significant others:

An addict cannot recover in isolation. He needs others for successful relapse prevention. As relapse process is often a totally unconscious process. Turning to significant other’s and discuss your problem with them ultimately solve the issue or manage the relapse tendencies well. In order to tuning to significant other he must first establish a link with them. He must be willing to talk with them on regular basis so they may notice when something is going wrong. Then he must also be willing to listen and act upon what they say. These significant others can ne his immediate family members, close friends or supportive employer.

Self education:

Self education is also an important skill to be learned by the addict. Self education about relapse will increase his confidence and motivate him to do better efforts. The more information be has about addiction, recovery and relapse the more tools he has in his possession to maintain his recovery. He needs to understand post acute with drawl symptoms, what puts him in high risk of developing them, what might trigger then.

Turning to higher power:

According to experts “spirituality is an active relationship with a power greater than someone that gives his life meaning and purpose. Turning to higher power gives a sense become a part of something bigger, greater and more powerful than him. Belief in spirituality takes out the addict from his environment and others him peace of mind serenity by sharing awareness that these are a power that is not restricted by his weaknesses and limitations. By practicing spiritualism the addicts develop new confidence in his own abilities and develop new hope.

Regular exercise:

Regular exercise helps rebuild the body and keep all its functions to work properly. It also reduces stress. According to research many recovering people testify that doing exercise on regular reducing the intensity of post they feel much better and find it easier to concentrate and remember. Choose a form of exercise that is fun for you so that you will stick with it. For addicts its recommend by the doctors to do exercise on daily basis as it will reduce the extra stress.