One of the most important things that we often ignored is the importance of exercises and proper healthy nutrition in the addiction recovery. Addiction recovery is always done effectively and properly when we focus on recovery in a positive way from all side and most important thing in addiction recovery is lies in the significance of exercise and proper diet schedules. It is commonly observed that during active alcoholism and drug addiction. Dreadful eating is in the process that leads to vitamin and mineral deficiencies and it that become the foundation of many health related problems that become serve if not handle properly. 

Arsalan SaleemMr. Arslan Saleem has done BS Psychology. He is working as a Psychologist. He has deep interest in Yoga, Breathing Sciences and Meditation and He helped numerous people for recovery from Mental and Physical illness through Yoga and Breathing Exercises.

Editor: Jafer Ali

Important thing to understand regarding addiction recovery is that when a person is decided to quit the drugs and alcohol then the very next thing that a person need to decide is to pay full intention and focus on their diet and food that eat on daily basis and remember that eating foods that have proper nutrients can bring back much of what active addiction took away from the person.


It is very important to understand that anyone who is trying to recover and get rid from alcohol and drug addiction one need to focus on right nutrition because eating right and pure is very healthy and make you feel very much comfortable and better and healthy foods helps to clean the body from the toxins and balanced diet helps our body to manage stress and depression easily and along with this give the strength that is important for the recovery of addiction. And there is the very strong connection between good nutrition and addiction recovery.