In even today’s era women have not been given equal rights to man. For example if a man divorces a woman in any part of the world that is acceptable, like wise if woman divorces a man that is not acceptable to the same extent. In historical times, prior to industrialization in the western world women used to be taken as a commodity whose only duty was to sit at home and take care of the household chores (haandi roti)? Besides, the daughters of a man could not receive inheritance just because they were women. Secondly, like in family, in business area women were not dominant. They were used in the work areas like agriculture or handcraft just to benefit from their physical power. They were not different from slaves.


Let us just review the status of women in different parts of the world now. We live in a world which is constantly changing for good. Just as the system of education and technology, the status of women in the western countries has been transformed as compared to that of a hundred years ago. After getting the power to vote, more women have started taking active role in the society. Women have made advancements into the various fields. With the changing world the status of the women has been altering. Women become more conscious about their status in society. Therefore, as time passed, women have made progress in view of family rights and business life. Despite all these advancements women are still unable to achieve the equal grounds with men. In much of the areas of life gender discrimination still exists examples are apparent in the employment sector of the western world.

In the aforementioned text much of the status of women pertaining to the western societies has been mentioned. Let us review the status and progress of women in the country like Pakistan and let us compare the status of women in the different parts of the Pakistan, to establish an effective comparison. In the urban cities of Pakistan (Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi), it has been observed that the awareness regarding female literacy is increasing and that women are advancing into the different fields. Although the majority of the families in the urban cities have accepted the fact that women need to succeed and work on equal grounds as men, the stigma attached to women working in the corporate settings still prevails (e.g working as a secretary in an office is questionable). The urban cities of Pakistan have encountered immense transformation in the status of women as compared to that of 10 years back. Opportunities are available for the women who want to progress. Now women of these cities have been seen in doing multi tasking on the aspects of their career and domestic lives as well. Even though the trend of them working has increased 10 folds, the idea of women excelling in the fields still seem to be new for the urban society.

In urbanized cities of Pakistan (Faisalabad, Gujranwala and Sialkot), majority of the women of these cities do educate themselves but hesitate in implementing their education into their respective fields. Women are given the right to voice their ideas but still find helpless in implementing them due to the restrictions laid upon them by their families. They are in such a fragile position so much so that even their consent prior to their marriage doesn’t matter.