There are certain behaviors, habits and obsessions that have either negative or positive impact on our health for instance exercise is good for health but continuous 5 hours compulsive running at treadmill is diseased activity. Hence Facebook is a kind of social communication for sharing information, linking with others and even sharing feelings these behaviors aren’t negative till someone get hooked to remain logon which make things worst or impair general areas of functioning.

sagirMuhammad Saghir has done Msc in applied psychology. Currently he is doing M.phil in clinical psychology from international Islamic University Islamabad. He has keen interest in research hence he has conducted a research on depression and subsyndromal depression.

Editor: Talal Zubair

When we are introduced to new forms of entertainment, there is great probability of negative use, overuse or abuse. When we become obsessed over any activity that impairs our functionality is categorized as addiction. Because we act compulsively thus we become victim of increasing loss of control. We may know many people who are all the time on facebook updating status, uploading pictures, chats with friends, comments, reading others posts, playing facebook games and searching for new friends. But their actual or real world relationships, occupational or academics and interpersonal relations may influence due to spending excessive time on facebook.



Initially only pathological gambling is consider as behavioral addiction and categorized as a formal psychiatric disorder, currently researches showed that there are many other potential behavioral addictions such as video-game addiction (Fisher, 1994), exercise addiction (Adams & Kirkby, 2002), mobile-phone addiction (Choliz, 2010), online sex addiction (Griffiths, 2012), shopping addiction (Clark & Calleja, 2008), workaholism (Andreassen, Hetland, & Pallesen, 2010), and Internet addiction (Young, 1996; Beard, 2005). Griffiths (1999) stated that whenever we talk about internet addiction it leads us into a state of confusion about whether people become addicted to platform or to the content. According to young (2009) people become addicted through different aspects of online internet use. Furthermore she stated the difference between three subtypes of internet addicts. These subtypes are excessive gaming, online sexual