An article written by:
Amina Javed

To undergo rapid self-expansion one need to be fall in love.  

One of the most asking and attention seeking question of this time is that why people fall in love?  One likely answer is that romantic love happens when the features that cause over-all desirability and the public causes and surroundings that yield desire are mainly tough.

Amina Javed is working as Clinical Psychologist at Willing Ways, Lahore. In 2015, she completed her MS in clinical psychology, from Centre Clinical Psychology, University of the Punjab, Lahore. In 2013, she did her BS in Clinical Psychology, University of the Punjab, Lahore.

Editor: Haroon Christy Munir

The common desirability characteristics are as follows (Aron, et al. 1989):

Resemblance: People feel attracted when they have resemblance with each other, their belief are similar, their personality traits and ways of pondering upon things.

Nearness: This factor plays an important role in developing  This includes familiarity with each other by spending time together, living near each other, thinking about the other, or thinking about communication with the other.

Wanted features: This over-all desirability feature is mostly focused on an external bodily look that is found desirable and, to a lesser degree, on wanted personality characters.

Joint taste: When two people have joint taste and this also increase their likeness.

Two added features that can support that how people fall in love while selecting mate (Aron, et al. 1989):

Societal effects: A possible combination that pleases general social norms, as well as receiving of the possible union inside someone’s social system, can pay role to people falling in love. It also works in opposite direction that if a couple that does not content over-all social standards or is not accepted by one’s social network and it can result falling out of love.

Filling needs: To fall in love one needs to have characteristics of companionship, love, sex or reproducing and by having these characteristics chances increase that two people will fall in love with each other.

Five factors required to make love to be truly passionate as opposed to being a kind of friendship love (Aron, et al. 1989):

Stimulation: Being in a rare or exciting situation can catalyst desire, even if the atmosphere is observed as risky or frightening (Dutton & Aron, 1974).