The most important and difficult aspects while dealing an addiction is to handle the addicted person and made him to seek the treatment.  Family usually help the addict but not in good way, infact they sometime indirectly help the patient to take the drugs by enabling him. Family members commonly do not know how to handle the issue of addiction therapy, and choose to ignore the problem due to fear that they will lose their loved if they will confront them or intervene.  These are genuine anxieties, and while families should realize that dealing with their loved one should be a kind and helpful process, they also need to understand that most patients pursue substance abuse treatment when family intervenes and take positive steps. 

Before Substance Abuse Treatment and Intervention

As individuals vary from each other and everyone is different so to handle them we need different approaches. While dealing with families of addicts, same rule applies and individualized training program is required for every family. Professionals can provide help to family and can train them regarding intervention and they would be able to honest talk with patient and can ask him to take treatment which is known as family intervention in addiction treatment. Depending on the family dynamics in drug and alcohol addiction, we chose the approach to deal. Keeping all things in mind and working on unhealthy imbalance in communication is foremost important step. Building a healthy communication pattern help the family that they convince their loved one to seek the treatment. This type of positive family involvement can also benefit the rest of family in joining this lengthy process of recovery and finding one’s self. 

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Dr. Sadaqat Ali and Mrs. Uzma Sadaqat talks about alcoholism and drug addiction

Amina Javed 00Ms. Amina Javed is working as a Clinical Psychologist at Willing Ways, Lahore. In 2015, she completed her MS in clinical psychology, from Centre Clinical Psychology, University of the Punjab, Lahore. She had training of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, Behavior Therapy and she is interested in Dialectic Behavior Therapy as well.

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Throughout a Patient’s Substance Abuse Treatment Program

When patient gets ready to seek the treatment, the best possible scenario is that the he will be obliged to go in either an inpatient or outpatient treatment program. The program is selected according to patient’s needs and each program have different benefits for individual as well as for family.


The main thing in outdoor program is that, patient is involved in treatment but stays with his family at home. They can attend the classes, groups and sessions for his problem and in this way patients can continue substance abuse treatment for an extended amount of time. In an inpatient or residential/ indoor program, patients travel to a facility where they go through an intensive detoxification and recovery program. They are engrossed in the recovery process and are not allowed to leave the premises of hospital or clinic. In both programs, family involvement is one the most important aspect, although in inpatient program the interaction with family is frequent.  

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