Forgiveness is the termination or elimination of resentment, hatred or enmity that might have arisen due to some difference or disagreement. Forgiveness in plain terms means to grant free pardon or give up any personal hostility against someone.  Forgiveness is granted without any expectation of revenge or restorative justice. Instead of allowing anger to prevail or the urge of revenge to overcome our conscience, we gain the courage and nerve to put the differences aside and give way to tolerance and pardon.

The perception of forgiveness can be found in both Social Sciences and in Religion. Forgiveness is considered to be a superior moral act both in literature and religion. In practical terms an offender can be forgiven by the wronged person as an act of great ethics, morals and principles. Most religions teach the nature of forgiving others which provide the basis for modern day practices of Forgiving.Schools and other Educational complexes emphasize on the Importance of Forgiveness so that children could appreciate its value and significance from an early age.

Science is discovering the healing powers and medical benefits of Forgiveness because when one gives way to forgiveness he gives up his unwanted grudges and opens himself to improvement in his character and which in turn gives him peace of mind.