The question which often stands in my mind is “what is the definition of success in regard to the women of the world”? To answer this question let us first explore the definition of success in consideration to the standards laid by the world itself. Success is anything which makes you powerful sometimes it refers to your achievements (inner or outer) and the remaining times it refers to your financial gain. Generally we consider richest of the people, the most successful. To our astonishment success is solely not only confined to money but also to the one’s internal state which highly emphasizes on the quotient of self-esteem, self – efficacy, self- worth and from the outer world the opportunities to succeed adds to the component of success.

Samreen-Masud-120x150Ms. Samreen Masud is currently serving as a Clinical Psychologist at Willing Ways Lahore. She has done her M.Phil in Clinical Psychology from Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore and her BSc. Applied Psychology from Kinnaird College as well. She has had the experience of working as an intern at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Center. There she became expert in counseling and relaxation techniques working with cancer patients both adults and children.

Editor:  Saad Shaheed

To the society success is anything which makes you content and progressive. Progressive means moving forward, now the question that arises from that of being progressive in regard to women is if you are not moving how you can be progressive. Therefore if you are not progressive how would be women be able to be successful. Let us just look at this from a different perspective. Research suggests that men have been more successful than women in consideration to the prosperity. I totally agree, not because I biased toward men but because of the mere reason that opportunities were provided to both men and women , men took them and therefore proved themselves whereas women got hindered hence lagged behind.


It has been noticed in most of the societies from time immemorial that women has been discouraged to come forward in all aspects of life. Since Adam and Eve, women have been dishonored in many ways such as the rights and even making their own decisions. This probably justifies the reason why women have been delayed their right to vote in different parts of the world. In UK not until 1918, USA 1920, Germany 1918, France 1947 and Switzerland not until 1970, women were given the right to vote. Therefore not only third world side of the world is suffering from gender discrimination issue instead the whole world suffered from such issues at some instances and are still suffering .