People make a big mistake to understanding between habit and addiction. Usually people unaware that their habit is deriving them toward an addiction. In this article we try to understand strong relation between habit and addiction. To understand these two words let‘s go to define them separately.

Addiction is a state follow when a person takes in a substance (e.g. Alcohol, cocaine and nicotine) or bring into an activity (e.g. gambling, sex, shopping, internet using and television) that can be gratifying but the consecutive use of which come to be compulsive and intrudes common life liabilities for example work, relationship and home. Users may not be having knowledge that their actions are questions and creating problems for themselves and others.

In the earlier time addiction used to attribute just to psychoactive substances that transverse blood brain obstruct, interim modifying the chemical balance of the brain. This would encompass alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. A lot of psychologist, health care professionals and other lay man now demand that psychological influence, as can be the case with gambling, sex, work, internet, exercise and etc. should also consider as addiction, because they can also guide to sensation of blame, something false, no hope, failure, refuse, anxiety and degradation. When a person is addicted to an unspecified thing he /she cannot hold how they handle it, and come to be dependent on it to contend with daily functioning.

Difference between habit and Addiction:
Habit is a person choice and it is acted by will and can be omitting by person will. Psychological and physical elements are not an issue as it is with an addiction. Simply putting that with a habit you can and will stop it and with addiction you can’t and won’t stop it.

Habit can finally strengthen of an addiction:
Many of us can practice substances or come to be engaged in specific actions without any notable complaint. Some people, by contrast, may undergo destructing psychological/physical effects when their habit comes to be an addiction. It depends on person genetics developed. Some people can turn their habit in an addiction whereas some people can turn their habit back.


Causes of Addiction:
The causes of addiction vary significantly, no one cause is related to addiction. Generally addiction is a combination of four elements which are physical, mental, circumstantial and emotional. These all elements can be overlapping with each other, in other words, these elements are interconnected and are also circle of concern for an addicted person. Addiction, frequently related to as dependency frequently tend to tolerance. The addicted person requires larger and more customary amounts of whatever they are addicted to so that to receive the same outcome. Frequently, the initial return is no longer perceived, and the addiction persists because withdrawal is so disagreeable.

Prescript medications can be a risk of an Addiction:
Most of the people consider prohibited drugs when they receive the word addiction. Prescription medication rough use is characterized an epidemic by researchers and other health professionals. Health providers today treat pain dissimilarly than they used to years past. This change has led to a spread in prescription drug misuse. Pain grew the fifth vital sign doctors took care for, together with respiratory rates, blood pressure, body temperature and pulse rate. Doctors’ clinics now a day ordinary have existence of the fact in their rooms that patients seeking information about their physical pains.

Ahmer Jamil