“Every little smile can touch somebody’s spirit. No one is born felicitous, but all of us are born with the ability to create felicity”

Most people don’t know the real meaning of happiness. They are spending their lives in the tune of the day to day norms. They don’t value the life that God has granted them. Before elaborating the concept of happiness, it’s necessary to know the treasure of its creation. Because the person who doesn’t respect his life, can’t measure its blessing. Many psychologists define happiness in various ways. But happiness is something which fills you with satisfaction and contentment. Happiness is a sensation of joy or cheerfulness. When people are successful feel safe or lucky, they feel happy. Happiness also portrays sensibility, respect, ambition and pleasure.

M.Nadeem PashaM Nadeem Pasha is presently working as a clinical psychologist at Willing Ways, Lahore. He completed his Master’s Degree in Applied Psychology from University of Punjab, Lahore. He has acquired his clinical training from one of the honored institutes in Lahore including General Hospital, Mayo Hospital and Fountain House, during which time he conducted detailed assessment sessions with clients of different psychological disorders. His research study includes “Psycho Social Effects of Terrorism in everyday life” which published in Masters .

Editor: Samreen Masaud

Different people have different styles to seek pleasure. Some individuals find it after achieving the larger targets associated with their lives. Some find it in success. Others think that their source of happiness comes from the state of peace. And if we look at it in the spiritual context, most of the religious people feel satisfied while worshiping their God. They purify their souls by doing rituals in accordance with their beliefs. So happiness varies from individual to individual. For example, for a poor hungry man, happiness will be his meal. And the meaning of happiness will change while talking about a writer, as he finds pleasure to create beauty through his words.


Happiness is very necessary to keep a healthy life. Modern man doesn’t see the beauty that God has created for him. He is preoccupied with his routine. Hurry and worry is the basic problems of the modern man. In this sense, even animals are more content than humans. Because they graze in the meadows and enjoy the beauty. A squirrel who finds pleasure to hide its nuts for future. Happiness lies in the little things and if we take notice, we can even find it thanking a person who has helped us.

Researchers found that happiness has a very clear influence on other aspects of the life. Simply, it affects all spheres of the life. Here I want to share some stuff which has a link with happiness. Researches verify that the happiest people usually spend a long life as compared to those who remain depressed. They have a better ability to deal with the problems. They have more money and the same way they are more generous too. Happy people cope better with stressful conditions. They are very creative people who can easily see the big picture and have a clear understanding about it. They touch the heights. It’s very simple, if you yourself are not satisfied with your life, then how can you touch the heights. Achievements require the inner peace and contentment. When you attain this stage, then your next journey will begin. It is a mental state as Aristotle narrates that happiness has the two components: Hedonia (pleasure) and Eudaimonia (a life well lived). There is another word used for happiness called subjective well being, which refers to the person’s cognitive and emotional evaluations about the life.