1. Fall in devotion with yourself:

Think about the things which makes you feels good and happy. Just like a beautiful flower that always needs nourishment and care to grow fully, learn to groom and nurture yourself in every situation. Appreciate yourself for all the good happenings that you see around you and accept your shortcomings and try to cope fully with them. People learn many thing after resilience because failure is also a step towards betterment for change, learning is a long way process, we human beings adapt many things from our experience, background, elders, from nature, nuturance, but it takes time to formulate a complete personality. People are here in this world to explore, to change, to gain knowledge, being polite and kind to yourself despite all your “falacies”. Look deeply and fall in fondness with the contemplation that is you.

Rabia-ZaidiMiss Rabia Zaidi  is working as a Clinical Psychologist in Willing Ways Karachi. She has graduated from highly reputed College D.A Degree College for Women (DHA) in 2011, after completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Library & Information Science, Education and Urdu Advance with First Division and a Master Degree in Psychology. She is interested in Educational Activities and attended many seminars. She has attended workshop on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Youth Psychosocial Health Issues, Media: the lost healer. Stop becoming a victim of terror and Voice of Frail’s; organised by Dar-ul-Sukun

Editor: Mr. Wakeel Murad

2. Eradication of Self analysis:

Do you often criticize yourself on little thing? There is any alarming voice inside your head that often yell you that you have no value because you have no sense to deal with different situations? If you find that you often judged by someone or by yourself, put an excessive effort to stop the self review.

3. Be Flexible and Optimist:

When you start thinking at the right direction and positivity about yourself, the love and care you have for your ownself start growing. Make a punctual habit to give regards and gratitude you everyday at the front of the mirror. Because these thoughts and feelings of appraisal make you feel honoured and motivated you to do anything and it gives you the strength to take fruitful actions that will support your growth and development.


Norman Vincent Peale said that Believing  in yourself! Faith in your abilities and working skills! Be focus whatever you do, but reasonable, confident on your powers, be successful or happy for your aims.