The indications of severe low blood sugar develop when blood sugar drops below 35 mg/dL to 40 mg/dL and may manifest in seizures or convulsions, loss of consciousness, coma, low body temperature (hypothermia).

Extended severe hypoglycemia can cause permanent brain damage and heart problems, especially in people who already diagnosed of coronary artery disease. Severe hypoglycemia can prove to be fatal if urgent medical treatment is not given.

If you or any of your loved ones display these low blood sugar symptoms without diabetes, make sure you eat something with sugar in it. Foods like raisins, graham crackers or candy. Similarly, you could also drink skim milk, soda, fruit juice or glucose tablet. It is a good step to be aware about health complications that can lead to low blood sugar. Early and proper treatment of the health problem that is causing low blood sugar can put off future troubles.