An unpleasant and hot feeling in chest occurs by something that you ate. 
By: Merriam Webster Dictionary


Backward flow of the contents of the stomach into the portion of esophagus that is due to malfunctioning of sphincter at the lower end of the esophagus and its consequences affects especially in heartburn. 
By: Merriam Webster Dictionary

Heartburn is an intense feeling in the lower chest, along with its sour and bitter taste in the throat and mouth. It mostly occurs after eating a heavy meal. The feeling of restlessness stays for a longer period of time.

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  • What are the causes of heartburn?

When you eat something, food passes through your mouth down a tube (approximately 10 inches long) known as the esophagus. The food passes from  an open area between the esophagus and stomach. This opening way acts as an entrance to allow eating material to pass into the stomach.

Occasionally, this opening shut downs as soon as food passes through. But if it doesn’t close all the path, acid from stomach can get through the access into esophagus it termed as reflux. Stomach acid disturbs the esophagus and can lead to heartburn.


  • What factors add to heartburn?

Many factors can worse heartburn. It is most frequent while overeating or when lying down on bed. Pregnancy stress level and certain foods items can also make heartburn ill.

A Norwegian study highlights that there has been 1.5 times increase in the sufferers of acid reflux 2011 in contrast with 2001. A phrase like, “dil jal raha hai” is used to explain  these burning emotions, feelings, tempers and sensations. Now the question occurs in mind is that what erupts acidity? A valid saying about, “WHAT YOU EAT”.