When you were kid, did you ever escape home, not so sweet home? Maybe you packed up your bag and went to your best friend’s home who lives nearby. But after a while, you failed to recall the reason of your runaway. It was getting dark out, so you decided to go back home. Many of us have been through this in our life at least once. The important point to understand through this story is that there is a big difference between thinking about running away and actually running away. Runaways can be our family members, children, adults or life partner. This usually is because of the toxicity of some living in the same household. Actually people who are toxic don’t know sometime that they are being toxic and they don’t mean it, but that does not give them the right to hurt the other person. Toxic personalities are those that produce pain to others, they are inadequate, exploitative and sometime they are cruel. Apparently they are very well meaning people but have a tendency to cause pain to others. Interestingly sometimes parents are toxic and sometimes the spouses.

Itrat-ZehraMiss Itrat Zehra is working at Willing Ways Lahore as clinical psychologist. She done M.Sc. in psychology and ADCP. She got training form Ganga Ram Hospital and Services Hospital Lahore, done job at Ahbab Hospital Lahore as psychologist and therapist she also worked on psychological assessment of constables for Punjab Police and handled project of Excise at DHQ Chiniot.Her areas of expertise are Stress Management and Relaxation therapy.She loves reading books and poetry recitation.

Editor: Hameeda Batool

Every year many teenagers run away from home and are forced to sleep on the streets. Many runaway teenagers leave home in search of a better environment that promises more independence, safety and less restraining environment. Asking about the intention, these teenagers have no good reason to validate their act of runaway. In running away teenagers do this as an impulsive act with a hope that everything will turn according to their calculations. Unfortunately, this only results in bringing more pain and trouble to them. This includes drugs, sex and missing out on everyday academic and developmental opportunities. Mostly the reason behind the runaway act is shame. Shame that is linked to poverty, abuse, addicted family members, and many alike reasons. Before the teenager runaway physically, he runaway emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.


The reasons of runaway include abuse, substance misuse among family members, some conflict, peer pressure, new arrival in a family, bullying, difficulties in relationships, family breakdown, or loneliness. Sometimes people run away from home because people feel out of place, don’t feel loved, have too many problems on their minds, people don’t listen to them, want a better life and hence the last resort is running away from home. Unfortunately, the parents overlook the desires of the child and pressurize them to follow a particular path or lifestyle. This results in burdening the child reach expectations and unfortunately if they don’t reach expectations they are labelled as failure and hence the creativity dies off.

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