Happiness is an emotional state which comes from within and with the life experiences and habits…. Many people around do experience happiness even on minor happenings but there is a group of people who just throw away their happiness even during the bigger moments of joy. When we talk about the habits to be happy, at the same time there are certain habits of many people who make them unhappy….. We all need to know about such habits which snatch away our joys of life…and most of the time without our conscious awareness.

1. Persistent Complaining

asma-qureshiIt is seen that people who are successful in their lives, do not complain about the life uncertainties and non favorable circumstances. They take the responsibilities and charge of their behaviors and fix them according to the demand of the situation. On the other hand, unhappy people have a habit of constantly complain about the non favorable life circumstances. They keep on blaming others and environmental factors of their dis-ease in the life and thus stay unhappy….

2. Binge Drinking

Alcohol is getting involved in all sort of social occasions now days and mostly people know that it is a depressant. Unhappy people tend to consume alcohol on multiple occasions in order to feel the happiness in a great deal, but they ignore the fact that more they consume it frequently, the more havoc they are creating in their lives, thus, causing more unhappiness in their lives.

3. Being worried about the future all the time

The very debilitating habit of unhappy people is to keep worrying about the future all the time. They stay anxious and afraid of future uncertainties. Due to the constant anxieties, they ruin their present by feeling unable to focus on the current moment and its cherishness. The regurgitation of the future actually stress you out!!…

4. Waiting for the Future and doing nothing in present.

Many people focus on future events instead of what is going on right now. They wait for the future to experience the happiness and thus don’t enjoy the current happenings. The chain of thoughts usually starts like this:

When you are in high school, you think you will be happy when you graduate. Once you’ve graduated, you think you will be happy once you get a good job.  Once you have the dream job, you think you will be happy when you are married with the perfect wife.   Next you think you will be happy when you have kids.  Once you have kids, you think you will be happy when they will be settled in their carriers. Next it will be when they have kids.  Before you know it you will have spent your entire life waiting for events to bring you happiness just to realize life (and happiness) has passed you by.

5. Having no hobbies

Generally we think that home chores are the hobbies…. But the reality is they are not!! They are the routine tasks which  a person has to perform and is bound to perform… hobbies are the activities which rejuvenates you and makes you feel refreshed and these are actually your “Me Time”..

6. Poor eating patterns

Excessive eating or eating less than required, both are unhealthy eating patterns and don’t give you enough energy to perform well in your life. Mostly people eat to reduce their stress and on the other hand people, don’t eat properly when they are under stress… in both styles their requirement of the calories is not filled up, thus leading to more health issues.

7. Thinking low of others

“Great people talk about ideas, average people talk about things, and small people talk about wine.” ~Fran Lebowitz

Gossiping, passing on the judgments, giving negative appraisals to others, complaining about other’s behaviors and believing that they should change their behaviors, are the typical feature of unhappy people.

8. Holding Grudges

Holding grudges towards somebody is like carrying around a backpack full of rocks. Grudges keep the thoughts and emotions stinky and unconsciously kill our relationships. Thus, making the person more unhappy in his life.

9. Stop Learning

“The moment you stop learning, you stop leading.” – Rick Warren

Unhappy people tend to ignore the fact that more they learn about the life and its principles, the more calmness and peace they would get. They neglect to learn when they are in need the most.

10. Just planning and not executing

It’s good to have a plan but it’s only a plan until and unless it is acted upon. The unhappy people don’t feel enough courage to execute the plan and wait for the right circumstances to execute it. Hence keep on reporting the failures and not getting the results.

11. Hating Your Job

It’s not necessary that we work in a place of our choice and on a salary package of our choice… keeping the expectations within limits keep us happy but, if we keep on demanding more and more and don’t show the contentment with our current jobs, it becomes difficult to progress in the carrier. Unhappy people show dis-satisfaction with their jobs, like, low salary package, the great distance of the work place, bad work place environment, no fringe benefits.

12. Loneliness

Unhappy people tend to stay disconnected with the surroundings and other people, thinking that no one needs them and they don’t need any one… this kind of thinking pattern leads to more weakness of the relationships with others and thus making the person unhappy in life. Researches indicate that more lonely you live your life, the more vulnerable you become for any psychiatric illness…so , don’t stay alone if you love yourself!!

13. Getting stuck up in the rut of negative thoughts

Unhappy people have a very pinching habit of looking at the situations in one single angle which is usually a negative perception. They believe in their perception so much that they think of it as a reality. They don’t let their mind to think in more positive perceptions and in some other directions. They get fixated with their toxic thinking and making themselves unhappy.

14. Self Labeling

In most of the cases, unhappy people give negative appraisal to others and the situations for their mishaps in the lives and don’t take the responsibility of their own actions. On the other hand, there is a group of unhappy people who, who take the blame of any bad happening on them and start labeling themselves for the failures. They start using very crude labels for them and go into the toxic shame…