It’s every man’s dream to achieve financial independence. People always talk about how prosperity and success correlate to financial independence. Most of the people in our society link it up with luck factor. Common perception about wealth is that it’s not earned rather it’s a divine blessing. Might be true to exceptional cases, but in reality we see that there are certain traits, qualities, and skills attached to achieve financial liberty. Once someone acquires those skills and principles which attract financial fortune, automatically wealth starts to attract them.

fawadThe biggest virtue of financial acumen is that it inculcates the sense of freedom within people. Societies in which we all are living agree on this premise that abundance of wealth is far better than clutches of misery. It’s very difficult to remain poor rather than to strive for being wealthy. It is idealize that poverty makes things harder for you and having or acquiring good fortune eradicates hardships.

Many people remain confuse about that, how to start journey about financial independence. What are the mediums for it? The simple answer is if someone wants to achieve it then they should know from where to start. People are certain about that fact of, starting from somewhere will help but not sure the exact spot. Financial independence starts off from a thought; thought that prosperity is there, is achievable, and if someone is there; to accept it. Financial liberty is a special subject. When we say it’s a subject then like any other subject it also has its said laws and principles. The rule of thumb in financial independence is to “Spend less than you earn; save and invest the balance”.

As we define financial independence as a subject. Here are the principles for achieving financial independence.

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Honesty: The first and foremost principle to achieve financial liberty is honesty within and without. As the old saying goes like that “Honesty is the best policy”. It is the stepping stone of everything. It is true to some extent that honesty is a rare commodity and people often utilize the quick fix of fake it until you make it rhyme, grab this principle build your financial structure on unshakable soil of honesty. It will bring fruits in your financial situations which are more stable and long lasting.

Self discipline: After cashing in with honesty there comes the principle of self discipline. How come anyone achieve anything in life without regulating itself. As we cater honesty as a moral, self discipline is a skill which is learnable. It is simply practicing discipline whenever it requires. As you start to practice self discipline. Fortune started to come your way.

Likability factor: it looks simple and clear by name but in reality it’s not. Many people confuse it with make yourself more open to others so others start to like you, but it is more than that. To clear up the jargon, it is precisely “giving people what they want from you”. As early someone focus its attention on this what other people actually want then automatically they started to give you what you want. All successful institutions, companies, people are working on this principle.

Surround by likeminded people: this principle depicts interdependency. If you are having supporting people around you, the journey towards financial liberation becomes much easier and happier. There are times when nothing goes in someone’s way, he is battling really hard. The support group always backs him up, boost his confidence and facilitate him with the light of motivation.

Smart work: The difference between hard work and smart work is as in hard work someone is doing same things for sack of doing it, on the other hand in smart work you put value in your same work. To achieve financial acumen one should have to focus on smart work. The key skill in it to continuously working hard for smart work. It is simply how much value you add in your work.

Love what you do: it’s very vital to remain persistence in what you are doing. Persistence creates confidence and in all your financial matters your confidence counts a lot as it eliminates fear. To achieve financial success one should love what he does.

Ability to sell yourself: According to this principle financial liberty cannot be achieved until you don’t have the ability to sell your idea. It is a logical process again learnable. It is all how persuasively you communicate with your business partners and sell them confidently your idea or product.

These principles look very simple but in reality tuff to carry along; many people will wonder like that after reading this. But account the brighter side as someone starts to practice them the fortune the one harvest is much fruitful and substantial. To conclude I would like to share the beautiful saying of Bill Gates self made billionaire “If you Born poor it is not your mistake, but if die poor it is your mistake”.