It is the most mind boggling topic to discus since ages. How we turn our failures into successful ventures. Human race is always in search of a method; strategy to avoid failure and embrace success. The conjuncture about failure is quite impressive. Some people say that failure should be avoided at all costs. That’s not a fair assumption, because the only way to fawadavoid failure is doing nothing. Failure is like toxic waste that pollutes and destroys the attitudes needed for success. To understand failure we have to understand success and to understand success we must go thoroughly into truth seeking. Truth is always overshadowed by myths. So to understand failures; myths should be busted. There are fine lines between truth and myth. Some myths contain some truth and conversely it’s easy to twist certain truths into myths. For example honest men always succeed; God does not harm anyone; He wants everybody to be rich; you can build the habit of success.

These statements make everything look simple but according to Murphy’s second law. 

“Nothing is ever as simple as it seems”

Ground reality tells us honest people do embrace failure. We all are blessed but we never develop our blessings. To build a habit of success, we better know how to handle failures.


If someone identifies himself with his failures and disappointments, he will certainly become a failure. The student who sees himself as a poor student will end up poorly in exams. The businessman who thinks he is not good at dealing will end collecting losses. Whenever someone identifies himself with failure thinking of being a self blaming attitude flourish. People tell themselves that their poor performances are proof of their failure. Mysteriously, troubles never tie knots with performance. It lies with their self image. The negative evaluations and judgments they make of themselves. This pessimistic explanatory style is – negative outlook on life. To make jargon clear let’s sort an example out. Suppose you are late from office. If you have a negative outlook you will explain “I am always late …………. I never seem to get in time, I am just careless about my work, I guess………. It’s my fault. You are looking the glass half empty. Now the other way out would be I am normally very punctual …………. I always keep my appointments…….. This time I trapped in the traffic. Now you are looking the glass half full.

Another trap must not be overlooked which is using positive reinforcement to cover up your lack of discipline, planning and effort. Always use positive reinforces when you have done your homework.


To combat failure, you need to understand how to handle fear. Recent studies in Michigan University States that 60% of fears are unwanted and 20% has already become past events and completely out of our control. Another 10% are so small that they do not make any sense. Remaining 10%; only 4 to 5% are real fear. Fears are better deal with knowledge and action.


As the phrase goes adaptability is the key skill to learn. Science tells us dinosaurs failed to adapt to changing condition so they simply vanished. Adaptability makes the difference between failures and success. If you lack in adaptability failure and disappointments will trap you. People who cannot adapt tend to be rigid, uptight and inflexible. If you want to be the winner the ability to adapt is everything.

To become winner every time you must have a positive image, eliminate fear and ability to adopt in any given situation. To conclude this famous prayer of Reinhold Neibuhus is inspirational,

“Change what you can, accept what you cannot change and ask for the wisdom to know the difference”.