If parents are ask about the preferred profession about their kids, without any shadow of doubt they will say Doctors or Engineers; in recent times BBA’s and MBA’s are further addiction. When people tend toward a profession, hopefully predicting their secure future in it; that’s fair enough until theyfawad-aly-shah are not in a catch of herd effect. It’s not a bad thing to think good about your kids, but by concentrating on limited professions form them will disturbed the social equilibrium and job dynamics in the market. This will also less fruitful for the kids as well. Like a normal body needs balanced diet to maintain its functionalities, similarly a stable society is cultivated when with appropriate proportion certain professional, scholars’ businessmen, craftsmen, artists and laborer are intact. Things got out of control whenever more people adopting a certain profession, it increases professional and financial competition and other professions got neglected due to inclination towards that particular profession. In order to elevate a society from bottom proper numbers of doctors are needed along with good mechanics. Likewise only good engineers are not able to run affairs of a society, skilled labor and good Civil Servants are also important.

Different things should be under consideration while selecting a profession. First of all parents should not force their kids to adopt certain profession. By imposing their will they might got an average doctor but waste skills of their child to become an extra ordinary lawyer. A talented businessman is much more beneficial; than of a poor engineer. Secondly while choosing profession financial aspects associated to it is scrutinized. If we ponder, profession or career is such an “activity which is based on urge to acquire good earning”. According to a research any normal individual alter fourteen different jobs over his life span. In today’s modern world individuals are doing multiple jobs in given time. These jobs are named as part time jobs. Main purposes of these jobs are to earn good enough money to sustain a balanced life. These jobs are not permanent in nature; if buy thinking pro activity for choosing a sustainable and growth oriented career future hardships and difficulties are well managed.

While selecting a career two problems came across. First is the scope of that particular career over the span of 10-15 years. Second one is our limited knowledge about the professions. People in world choose those professions which inspire them in every aspect. When individuals surpass the scope of given career they basically tend to acquire immediate success and wealth. This tendency activates a spur of motivation. This motivation is driven on will basses. When their will drained out and they don’t embrace success, repentances and resentments start to flourish. There is no shortcut to success. Individuals don’t update their information about choosing a profession. They may seek help from other professionals but failed to do so. If so many people join similar profession then opportunity to grow as a professional comes at minimal level.

Job satisfaction is also very important ingredient for selecting a meaningful career. In our part of the world people aging from 14-40 years don’t have the answer of the question what they want from life? People tend to adopt those professions which pay them heavy monetary rewards. By selecting those profession they deliver average results and never earn a good name for themselves; because the passion is missing from their work and only motive is to earn good money.

If you know that you cannot dissect a frog, it’s clear that you are not suitable for the medical profession. If you cannot draw good sketches it is clear that becoming an artist or painter is not a piece of cake for you. Try to experiment with profession you want to earn a career. Think about a profession and try to fit yourself in it by doing things related to that profession. By doing so you will find your abilities and capabilities about that particular profession. Your interest and passion about any career will determine your success in it.

To conclude here is a very beautiful saying of Earl Nightingale about choosing a career “The biggest mistake that you can make is to believe that you are working for somebody else. Job security is gone. The driving force of a career must come from the individual. Remember: Jobs are owned by the company, you own your career! ”