Emotions play a very critical role in our life, our dealing with life’s challenges, relationship management and overall wellbeing. Emotions can make or break our relationships. Sometimes, emotions save us from losing a relationship, on the other hand, it also happens that relationships are lost or at stake due to our emotions. Our pleasure, suffering or joy all are directly or indirectly related to our emotions. The nature of our emotional practices determines our behaviors. When some emotions are destructive, the cure also lies in emotions through emotional management. Managing emotions effectively is a key to success.

amna nawaz1 Ms. Amna Nawaz currently works as a clinical psychologist at Willing Ways, Lahore. She has done MS in clinical psychology and B.Sc (Hons.) from GC University, Lahore. Heath counseling, addiction counseling, subjective well-being and intellectual disability are her areas of interest as well as her educational expertise.Earlier, she has also supervised trainee child psychologists working in a special education institute being run by the Government of Punjab.

Editor: Ms. Hameeda Batool

People who are in control of their emotions and behaviors are the emotionally healthy people. They can handle life’s adversities, develop healthy relationships, and pull themselves through setbacks. It takes a lot of effort in maintaining physical health, similarly, improving and maintaining emotional health also requires skills, effort and practice. Emotional health is all about our overall psychological well-being. It comprises of our feelings about us, the quality and nature of our relationships, our ability to manage our feelings, our dealing with life’s difficulties and the meaning we derive from our life.


Never experiencing difficult times or emotional problems in life do not make us an emotionally healthy person. Emotional health is all about being able to timely recover from adversities, stress or trauma in life. It also refers to emotional resilience. Emotionally healthy people have the skills to effectively cope with emotionally challenging situations; they maintain a positive mental attitude while dealing with difficulties; they remain flexible and focused in every situation.