Written by:
Paras Mir

Research based work on reality of sexual compatibility.

To find and maintain a relationship is not an easy task. It needs time, dedication and lot of emotional involvement.

Our print media and electronic media deliver an idea that romantic love and satisfactory sex life can be easily manageable if you have ‘single’ romantic partner. But reality is quite different as portray by our media. Media plays central role in developing mindset of targeted population. Our movies, dramas and novels develop unrealistic expectations in viewers. And these unrealistic expectations further leads towards dissatisfaction, and strain in their relationship.

Paras Meer Works as a clinical psychologist at willing ways. She joined willing ways in April 2017 as researcher and clinical psychologist. She has done MS (Health Psychology) and BS (Hons) in Applied Psychology from Lahore College for Women University, Lahore. Counseling Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Organizational Psychology and Research are her areas of interest and Specialty.

Editor:  Haroon Christy

An interesting research work by C. Raymond Knee at University of Houston stated that successful relationship demands an individual positive attitude toward that relationship as an outcome of underlying beliefs. Implicit theories deals with the underlying thought patterns and personal prejudices that can affect an individual relationship with world. Regarding the nature and dependence of relationship there can be two categories of implicit theories: relationship destiny beliefs and relationship growth beliefs.

Relationship destiny emphasizes on the main idea that individual survival cannot be possible without building and maintains relationship and for satisfying this need it’s necessary to find right partner ones “soul mate”. Another school of thought believes on relationship growth, they believe that people are not perfect; our willingness to keep them in relationship makes the relationship long lasting and successful.

Its need time, dedication and effort to understand and maintain relationship with each other. While both mind sets ‘relationship destiny’ and ‘relationship growth’ emphasize on the belief whether or not a relationship will fail, especially in the early stages. Because every relationship demands too much, “rising pains” heated arguments and frequents conflicts is the part of this. People with strong destiny beliefs often believe to move on toward another partner with hope that this relationship meets the criteria of soul mate. Another group of people with strong belief on romantic growth believe on personal efforts and making improvement to save and improve a relationship.