Facebook has revolutionized the world around us. In this digital age facebook has become our identity in global world. Digital identity is so profound in times that its draws multiply effects on shaping up personalities. With over 700 million people connected to the facebook it’s very hard to maintain uniqueness and attract audience to your page. Here are some useful checklists to evaluate your facebook page strength and substance.

Facebook page can be categorized in to eight sections. Each section has its own importance. These sections are as follows:

About section: is your website URL the first thing listed. If not make it sure it does because it creates authenticity among the visitors.

Additional “About” section:  Are you providing the links to your company’s other social mediums like blogs twitter g+ or other portfolios like that.  


Cover photo: it makes huge impact on page dynamics. Ask yourself, “Is it well designed” and make sure it won’t collide with the facebook guidelines. 

Cover photo description: When a visitor clicks on cover photo, make sure that you have a photo description with information, a call to action, or links or anything that simplify cover photo stance.

Profile photo: is your profile fair enough to reflect your brand. Your profile photo should tell whole story about the page in nutshell.

Talking about this number: Likes and talking about this are the main pillars of your facebook page. The numbers of both tells any visitor the popularity of your page. Divide your “Talking about this number” by your Page’s total numbers of Likes. This will calculate your Page’s engagement. Average page engagement is 2%.If it’s below than that then your content must be revised and readjusted.

Content Plan: It plays crucial role in the structure of your page. Your content will always align with your about us section. While developing content for your page you should answer following questions:

  • What type of content is sharing on your page?
  • Are you using a photo or any other type of multimedia support to your each status update?
  • Are you constantly sharing authentic and valuable information to your fans and visitors?
  • Are you carrying out the 70/20/10 rule?
  • Does your content directly convey the message you want to give to target audience?

Commenting: Last but not the least commenting produce liveliness in your page. Are you communicating with your audience?  You should be liking their comments and responding to their entire question.

Remember people like a Facebook page not because they like a particular product or service; they do it because what they Like says something about their own identity.