When a person uses any possibly dangerous or mood-altering substance commonly and often excessive pattern, it is called substance abuse. These substances include prescription and non-prescription drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. An ongoing problem that could have long term negative effect on the teens present and future is their substance abuse and it also effects their families. The easy access to alcohol and other drugs make it very easy and at some point most teens would come into contact with drugs, alcohol, or both.

Mr. Umer RazaMr. Umar Raza is working at Willing Ways Islamabad Center, as a Clinical Psychologist. He uses psychotherapies and psychological tests for personality assessment, IQ assessment, and in the treatment of indoor and outdoor patients.He is interested in clinical psychology, counseling and psycho-diagnostic assessment. His likes to read books on personality development and psychology
Editor: Amina Javed

It’s not necessary that everyone would try drugs including alcohol but there are certain cases in which one may find himself trying and finally using and abusing the drugs under the peer pressure, stress or could be any other reason. The teen years are already very difficult before drugs or alcohol enter in life and how to handle the peer pressure and temptation to try drugs or alcohol is very difficult as well as important thing to consider. To fit in a circle of friends and to get indulge it is often necessary to adopt their life pattern and there is also stress from peers to behave certainly.


Here the important things which plays role as safe guard is confidence and self-esteem, in drug and alcohol prevention.There are number of factors which are responsible to influence one’s decision to use alcohol and other drugs and one of those factors is peer pressure. The decisions made by someone are strongly influenced by person’s friends no matter whether those are good or bad. In some instances, even the influence of people who are not friends will affect a teen’s actions.

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