In our day to day routine life, we face many challenging situations where we have to make certain choices. Often it is easier for us but at times it consumes a lot of our energies and time to make a certain choice. Whatever we choose, it defines our inner needs, intentions, and even paradigms. We need to be cautious while making any sort of choice in any area of life, so that our choices give us benefits rather than creating hurdles and issues for us.

asma-qureshiAt times we get confused between choices and don’t get to it that which one to follow. Here we can make a comparison between them, but still there is a big question!!!…. How can we discriminate between a right choice and wrong choice, what are the main discriminating factors for healthy and unhealthy choices? Healthy and unhealthy choices can also be termed as mindful and mindless choices respectively.

The discrimination between mindful and mindless choices is given below, which can give us an idea about the characteristics of these two types of choices.


Through this comparison sheet, you can easily understand that the choice which you are going to make is a mindful choice or mindless choice.