Stress is bad enough, but adding intrusive thoughts to the mix can just about send you over the edge. Following are the ways to manage you out of stress and unwanted thoughts.

Mowing the lawn, weeding the flower bed,
SadiaEhsanshampooing the carpets, anything that cause joy to be active and engage your brain can help you overcome this problem. If those aren’t your type of activities, look at activities you enjoy doing that help your brain to concentrate.

Following techniques can help anyone, who is fighting with intrusive thoughts:

Distraction: Don’t distract your mind. Distraction always does not serve as an effective tool to manage your intrusive thoughts. In the long run they stay there and induce pain in the person’s life. Always be at the spot and point, like writing or calling a friend/relative is a best idea.

Imaging: Imagine a thought in your mind; concentrate on your thought if the disturbing thought comes in your way divert your mind to the new meaningful thought. 

Music: Play any soft music and engage your mind there.

Prayers: Prayer is a great source of medium to relax and deal with the unwanted thoughts.

Change your mind: If any disturbing thought come change your thought to brighter one.

Stressful thought can be stopped by a technique called thought_stopping: First picture a scene that brings up wonderful, comfortable feelings, and that makes you feel good about yourself. Imagine a scene in terms of what it looks like, sounds like, smells like, and feel like. The important point is whatever you picture makes you feel good. For example you are on a beach, You see the sand and water: you hear the waves beating against the shore: you smell the salt water and feel invigorated, yet calm. The scene you imagine doesn’t have to be a true experience. Every time one of these unwanted thoughts occurs yell stop in your mind. Yelling stop immediately breaks the thought cycle. Then replace the negative thought that makes you feel badly about yourself with a positive thought that makes you feel good. The scene will leave your mind but the good feeling will remain stay. After a few days the negative thoughts will be less frequent and your will be able to control them. It gets easier every time every time you do it. It’s important to use this technique each time the unwanted thought appear you can do thought_stopping when you feel bad about yourself, guilty about something, when you just want to get rid of a thought that is taking up your emotional energy.