Everyone has born with the wish to be successful. A wish to stay ahead in life. Many youngsters on daily basis think over this notation of how to be rich, famous, powerful and successful in life. In their point of view it is an overnight phenomenon which suddenly happens. This hope leads them to nowhere because hope is merely a strategy. That’s why people become unsuccessful; having all the substance they shy to make a mark. Everyone has born with the same qualities and attributes in life, its practicing certain qualities over a period of time which are necessary to climb the ladder of success.

 fawad-aly-shahYes! you can become  successful; it’s just one step away from you. That one step is planning, but wait this is not that type of planning which suddenly strikes your mind in night and very next morning fades away by indulging in your daily routine; like you never plan to be successful. To get extraordinary results from life, you have to plan extraordinary. Here are some tips which surely make you a success in every aspect of your life.

Ultimate decision making

Our life cannot be change for good until our decision making about our life is ultimate. Sometimes it’s a bit difficult to do it but by deliberate practice one may master this skill. According to experts there are two phases of decision making. First, to make a decision how to start something; secondly how to finish it. First stage is the most difficult one because taking initiative is the hardest thing to do. For kids learning alphabets is the most difficult decision afterwards it’s all piece of cake for them. To take decision and having the quality to take ultimate decision is the best trait one ever has. To be successful in your field one should need ultimate decision making as it is related to do certain tasks which leads to further enhancement. It also fosters one’s ability to face challenges of life more amicably.

Focused hard work

Focused hard work is another tool which is very helpful in the journey of success. Many people have misconception about hard work. It is further categorize in smart work. Hard work is ability to do something without narrowing your focus. Smart work is the ability to do something quite efficiently which leads towards success. Focused hard work is combination of both; you need to work extremely hard to polish your skills for working smartly.

Managing your time efficiently

Managing about things to-do is the most difficult task. Great individuals start their routine not with work rather managing that work. To make full use of your time is a keystone habit which has ripple effect on one’s life making to-do-lists, writing memos, making a time budget are the key attributes to be successful. Many people complain about the shortage of time in their life. It’s not shortage of time rather their bad routines which absorb their day. You should make a deadline about your work use planners for this thing. It’s an art which drew many fruits ones you master it. 

Stay away from fear

According to psychologists “it’s the fear which is the main hurdle to become successful”. Fear depletes self-respect, self-esteem. It indicates inferiority complex within us. It reminds us each and every moment that we are fragile we are less than others. It creates unwanted unrealistic hurdles in our life. It drew away the power of action from us. It really strikes bad on our cognition. As it is an internal feeling, fear encircle every aspect of our life. Whenever you start anything, do it confidently as it fights our fear. Speak confidently with your officers. Don’t drive conclusion from yourself as if you say this in return other person definitely say this. If you are right on your stance everything which is said in return of your stance you definitely has answers for that.

Bring quality in your work

Whatever you do it’s always a room for improvement. You should try to improve in every bit of your work. The quality of your work will determine your place. Don’t fell prey to the trap of perfectionism. Start with good enough mentality and practice it over time. Eventually it will bring perfectionism in your work but if you start from making a master piece you will never make it. So, do not waste time in non-essential stuff.

Filter yourself through self accountability

We are living in such scientific age as things are happening at very rapid pace. New technologies are being introduced. The field in which you are working, you witness rapid change and development every once. In conditions such like that it’s a must that you fitter yourself from the process of self accountability. Analyze your strength and weakness. Discover a new individual within yourself. Start building a new self of you. Once in a year see all the things, you have done in your life. See if anything needs to be changed or added. Analyze your income & health routine. In the light of these findings build a more sustainable pattern of life which leads towards prosperity.