Many parents dislike the word “competition”. According to their opinion competition among the children sabotages their self confidence. The sense of competition is the reason among children for bitter relationships. It decreases their efficiency and learning ability. It also entitles them with the damaging habit of win of any cost, do whatever they want to do.

But! Does competition is such a bad thing?

fawadExperts prove this thing otherwise. Healthy competition enhances learning capabilities of children. The children aware about their needs, restrictions, weak aspects and qualities through this; psychologists have agreed upon that healthy competition enhances multitasking, persistence, punctuality within the child. It also enables children with the ability to accept defeat and success gracefully.

A friend of mine whose daughter was only five years old; when she for the first time participates in any competition. It was about a coloring contest in a local newspaper. My friend was afraid that if his daughter might not be able to win it, she will certainly break from insight. But he allows her to participate in the contest for encouragement. All the family members were over the moon when she stood second in that contest. By this small victory her confidence was sky high and now she is in the age of eight an expert to compete in contest, she might never win all the competitions but fear of competition is for ever gone. 

Sense of competition is an integral part of human nature. The severalty of this emotion depends upon behavior of the child as well as of his parents. Lucky there are many ways, to teach children that without being sadistic in nature they can complete in any contest and bring good results.

Here are few tips regarding is:-


To prepare children for the healthy competition it’s a must that parents play with their kids regularly. By this kids will learn that failure in any competition is not discouraging. Their confidence is restored. Present different type of contests and sports as a joyful activity before the kids. Discourage cheating of any sort. Ask kids to follow instructions, rules of game and act on them accordingly. Children are reflection of their parent’s habits. So be very carefully about your behavior and actions in front of your kids.


As the Children grows up the sense of right and wrong, victory and defeat and things like that become very important. So, do stress on the ethical aspect of competition. Win at any cost or weak sportsmanship certainly destroys their abilities to complete fairly. Try to teach children that it’s that bigger achievement to accept defeat as to embrace victory. The best thing to inculcate this mentality is to indulge them in activities which are probability based.


Whenever kids see that, famous players are living very glamorous life; they forget that aspect that it all comes from a deliberate practice based on so many years. They only fascinated by the charm and money, praise associate with the stars. Kids want to acquire that status as well. Willfully they try but when their will does not bring credit to their effort disappointment surrounds them. Stars shine at night we are amazed by their shining but we forget the struggle that they done all day. This difference must be told to kids. Success is not an overnight phenomenon. It is an effort which has a process and after going through that process one become victories. Instead of focusing on scoring points kids must focus on making their shots better. Better shots fetch more points, so keep encouraging your kids to be prosperous and doing practice persistently for  a successfully life.