People have expectation to fulfill needs according to their wish but some people use dishonest methods to met needs and wishes. They are called Manipulators. Manipulation is like a hidden weapon use indirectly or covertly to someone. Deception and being abusive are common strategies of manipulators. Manipulator behavior often seem kind, gentle and friendly, it feels like person is very much concern for someone but in real intention he wants to achieve his purpose through flattery behavior.  When the objective is getting power it comes up with veiled hostility or other abusive technique. Individual who being victimize by manipulator, may not understand that he is trapped in wrong intentions.

Afreen-Muhammad-NaseemMiss Afreen Naseem completed M.Phil from Institute of Clinical Psychology. After completion of study she worked at Pakistan Institute of Learning and Living as a Research Assistant/Clinical Psychologist. Her skills are in the domain of Psychotherapy Psychological and IQ assessment, Interview and History Taking, skilled in Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Rational Emotive Behavioral therapy and Family therapy.She had an internship experience in Karachi Psychiatric Hospital and PNS Shifa Hospital as an Internee Clinical Psychologist.

Editor: Hameeda Batool

If a person grew up being manipulated then it is difficult for him to differentiate when he manipulated by others. He may have a feeling of distress, uneasiness or anger but deny his instincts and manipulated by the pleasing words of manipulator. Individual who is being manipulated frequently is often confused about what to say to manipulator in return. People who are codependent usually use manipulative techniques to fulfill their needs because they having difficulty to communicate openly and assertively. Codependents are easy target of manipulation and usually manipulated by addicts and narcissistic or borderline personalities. 


Common Characteristics Of Manipulators

There are four common distinctiveness of manipulative individuals.

  • These individuals have the ability to detect weakness of victim.
  • When they found weakness of someone then use to get benefit from it.
  • They make very clever scheme to take advantage from the victim in order to fulfill their self centered interests.
  • Once they learned to get advantage through manipulation in work place, social and family then they are likely to repeat this attitude with others.