“First of all we have to understand that happiness is in the mind not in the objects. Nobody can make you happy except yourself. It is not an element. It’s a reality, experience, believe, and truth. It has to be discovered and not gained from outside ideas.’’

Happiness does not come from doing what we like to do, but for liking what we have to do. Happiness can be purchased from market in the form of gifts only. It has to be experienced even if you become the king of the whole world and handed over all the powers, but still it’s not guaranteed that you will remain happy. Happiness comes from within and you can experience it in very minor but beautiful realities of life like; in a baby’s smile, a letter from friend, the song of the bird, the sunlight in the window.


If you want to remain happy then, do not believe in the shaky ideas, always believe in reality. Unclear ideas and lies snatch our peace and happiness in the life. Most people have no control over their emotional wellbeing they feel ecstatic when good stuff happens and depressed when things go wrong. They are people who make their emotions dependent upon the situations; they don’t take the responsibility of their emotions.

Their lives are like roller coaster sometimes up sometimes way down.

10 Tips to Stay Happy:

  •       Most important thing is to relax
  •       Stay clean
  •       Give yourself a chance of being happy
  •       Don’t worry
  •       Take action
  •       Expect nothing
  •       Assume responsibilities
  •       Keep your heart open
  •       Go slowly

The worst thing you can do is panic and think your life is over. The air of depression revolves around you and is present everywhere. It is up to you how you come out of it and live happy life. You have to be supportive, understanding, caring and you have to learn to listen and communicate with yourself and your inner guide.

Always stay clean no matter what happens. Give yourself a chance to understand yourself. Go for outing to the areas where you like to go. Dress up yourself, enjoy music and watch movies. Always keep this thing in mind that hygiene is the most important thing, you feel fresh and energetic. Always look at your gestures and behaviors. The life of you should be in your command. Appreciate the things you see on your way to work each day. Cherish each moment you spend with the people you have. Enjoying every new experience will give you many reasons to stay happy. Educate yourself and commit to find happiness no matter what it takes. With enough hard work and dedication you can really create the life you want. We expect others to treat us better than we treat them.

We often blame other people, circumstances, and every object for our problems. Life is full of different people and situations. Instead of blaming others for what’s wrong in your life, focus on what you can do to make it better.

Be brave no matter what the situation is and always make a plan to resolve the issues in hand with courage and grace.

David T Lykken:

“Its nature and nature” say that

Trying to be happy is like trying to be taller.

We can be happy by establishing positive behaviors and emotions, such as empathy, sincerity, and specially gratitude.

The first step is to make a conscious choice to boost your happiness.

The conquest of happiness published in 1930 the philosopher Bertrend Rusell had this to say:

“Happiness is not, something that drops in to the mouth like ripe fruit. Happiness must be, for the most men and women the achievement rather than a gift of gods, and in this achievement both inward and outward must play a great part”.