The article is based upon the concept of setting realistic goals in keeping with the NLP method. A goal may be considered realistic either if people are able to do it all by themselves or if there is someone whom they can model. The NLP Masters recommend that the goal has to be possible or realistic in the sense that you can control the outcome. While working towards our goals, it is helpful to model the efforts of people who have managed to achieve similar goals. Breaking down the structure of their excellence can help us achieve our goals as well. It is important to evaluate the belief of the person we are modeling, explore the changes that achieving the goal would bring in our lives and be persistent with their efforts.



Dr. Sadaqat AliDr. Sadaqat Ali , a graduate from Dow Medical College, Karachi is a renowned professional in the field of addiction psychiatry. He has a background of getting trained at “HAZELDEN” and “Vital Smarts”, USA. Dr. Sadaqat Ali is the Project Director of Willing Ways (Pvt.) Limited and Sadaqat Clinic (pvt.) limited. He is a sought after speaker who promotes new scientific solutions for persistent and profound problems. Dr. Sadaqat’s name was included in the international Who’s Who directory of professionals which was the first ever distinction of any Pakistani doctor. The print and electronic media have interviewed him extensively. He appears frequently on national TV channels expressing his views on drug addiction, alcoholism, compulsive gambling, suicide prevention and home runaways.
Editor: Arman Ahmed

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What constitutes a realistic goal?
What are the skills that are required to set a realistic goal?
How does the method of chunking help in setting realistic goals?
How does feedback assist us in fulfilling our goals?
How does modeling the behavior of successful people help us achieve our realistic goals?



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The greatest personal limitation is not in the things you can’t do, but in the things you can do but you do not. If you think, you can do something or if you think, you cannot, you are right. If you set a goal that does not require hard and smart work, you are stuck with something ordinary. You have to set goals that are apparently out of reach; but realistic at the same time. target-willingways All of us dream a lot but all of us don’t set goals. You can dream about quitting cigarettes and alcohol, losing weight, becoming a CEO, a famous actor, top athlete or getting to the top of your profession but, unless you set a goal, it will remain a dream. Our dream can turn into a reality if we have the courage to fix a completion date and pursue it with faith.

There is an acronym SMART that reminds us about some essential ingredients in goal setting — goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed. You need to be specific about what you want, and be able to measure it. You should be able to answer yes to 2 questions: Is it worth it? Can you do it? You should also fix a completion date; otherwise there’s no end to it. And above all, the goal has to be realistic; and that can create some confusion. All five elements are essential but I will look at one element here — being ‘realistic’ which is so important that without it whatever you do will be an exercise in futility.

Firstly, what does this mean? It means either you should be able to do all by yourself or there should be someone whom you can model. One person’s realistic goal may be a nightmare for another because self-belief, a burning desire, abilities and availability of financial resources play a crucial role also. These things are current realities, but you have the power to change all these factors to achieve your goal in future. The secret of setting realistic goals is to be willing to suspend some negative beliefs.

It is really very helpful to set a realistic goal, however, most goals would look unrealistic anyways. If some of the famous people had set obvious goals only, they would never have done the things for which they are now famous for. After all, it was widely believed that the world was flat, so it wasn’t a realistic goal to sail around the world. Yet, it was done. Until scientists found a cure for a disease, it was often believed to be incurable. Magicians appear to do things that aren’t realistic, and we are spellbound as we watch them do these things.