We are going to discuss in this article that morning shows have great impact on our lives and mental well-being. It is because of the dialogues spoken in the drama that people usually try to communicate, and react the same way as shown. While talking about the morning shows it was said that morning shows seem to be properly planned. Few good and few negative things, both are imparted. The morning shows have gripped women attention that is why they tend to spend much of their time doing sitting in front of TV. 

muhibzahraEvery day the sun rises and brings out a new morning- the beginning of yet another beautiful day. Sun brings happiness and brightness in our life as the darkness of the night end. Every person is more energetic and focused in the morning. They hold great responsibility as they are given an air-time of around 2 to 3 hours but all what they focus on is increasing their rating and publicity.

One show sets up a trend and all the others blind folded start following it without thinking of its consequences. If one has to do summer-camp, the other one will start doing it. If one has to do a show against demons, all the others will start doing a show on it. In almost every morning show a so called trend of ‘wedding week’ is set which every channel is sustaining. Couples which are already married are shown getting married to each other over and over again including music, dancing, jumping, laughing, giggling , daft, and dumb stuff which no intellect would like to watch is shown early in the morning. Hosts swirl and dance with the star guests.

These hosts are so good and trained in acting that even in live programs they enact well which is more appreciable in a theatre rather than a morning show. Every morning they dress up like brides and go around catching couples dating which is also a part of their acting as these couples are also paid actors. 

It’s amazing how the morning shows have become an essential part of almost all the TV channels today. Hosted by the renowned actors and actresses, the ratings of these shows are ramping up every day. Many actors and actress are hosting morning show now a day. Some morning show hosts are decent and present show in decent way and some hosts are over confident and present show as one man show.

Morning shows are designed for females (housewives) because in morning they are free and morning shows are source of entertainment. In morning shows celebrities, writers, artists, sports stars, athletes, politicians; almost everyone and anyone is invited. Then the hosts ask ridiculous questions especially tailored to suit the intellect of the target audience. Live calls are made to get answers for personal queries and people ask questions from quests. 

All these morning shows promote vanity and show off. Encourage people to showcase their wealth, become a part of the race of expensive clothing, shoes and jewelry. Morning shows are also promoting culture of show off. Celebrities and hosts gossips are source of entertainment for people. Some morning shows are really very good and informative and some are just to promote show off culture. Channels are increasing their viewership through these morning shows. Media has strong impact on life of people so quality shows will make positive impact. Morning shows should be source of information and also makes people knowledge up to date.