A new trend has been starting at social gatherings that are smoking Hookah / Shisha for enjoyment purpose. Hookah has various names such as; narghile, shisha or goza. People have an assumption regarding hookah that it is much safer than smoking cigarette. A large number of Hookah/ shisha bars have been opened all over the world. Alas, recent researches recommended that smoking hookah/ shisha from its pipe is equally harmful to smoking cigarette. In fact, in comparison it is more harmful the using cigarette.

A hookah is a type of instrument used to smoke tobacco. Basically, a hookah is made up of a water pipe with an integrated smoke chamber, along with a large bowl with small tube joint.  A unique type of tobacco is heated; water is use to passes smoke from a confined chamber to chill it, and it pass all the way through tube connect to a mouthpiece.

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Whereas, Shisha is specific type of tobacco smoked in a hookah. This tobacco usually soaked in honey, fruits and other tasty elements. When burning with charcoal or wood cinders, shisha gives a pleasing aroma after heating up. It comes in many exciting flavors like apple, strawberry, rose, mango, banana, cappuccino, peach, lemon and so on.


The hookah contained toxic elements in tobacco smoke and its pipe and the water is not filter these toxic mechanism, the tobacco added in hookah is as harmful as it include in normal cigarette. A usual session of hookah smoke is end up to 45 to 60 minutes but it can be extend for numerous hours, the user inhale deeply a  larger amount of tobacco through a tube and mouth piece. The hookah smoking use is increasing among youth especially college and university students. A survey conducted in United States in 2014, reported that the hookah smoking found 23 % in 12th grade students in past year. In comparison, boys were more involved in using hookah which was 25% than girls 21%.