Human brain is a complex machine. It is a delicate organ of our body which, for effective functioning, needs to be stimulated from time to time. Since human thrive on ideas, intelligence, and creativity, we cannot neglect the importance of keeping our mind sharp. Coming from a competitive world, a sharp mind can give us a clear edge for success. It is very well researched that a person in his 40’s is quite vulnerable to experience memory lapses. The rising cases of Alzheimer’s disease can be witnessed commonly.

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Editor: Wakeel Murad

A sharp mind can enable us to:

  • Retain more information
  • Ponder over a situation and conceive more innovative and creative ideas
  • Have a clear vision and firm conviction
  • Achieve more in given resources by their optimum utilization
  • Multidimensional thinking and problem solving
  • Drive positive inspiration from those around us and live a better life

These were just to name a few that one can be capable of after having a sharp mind. Consistently striving to keep one’s mind sharp enables us to function better in old age.


Engaging in a mental activity allows the brain to produce fresh neurons. There is a variety of tasks, activities, and exercises that can help us in sharpening our mind. These include:

            Regular Exercise

This is perhaps the most effective and important activity for not only making your mind sharp but for maintaining its healthy performance on a long term basis. Regular physical/aerobic exercise doesn’t only train and strengthen the physical body but also allows the heart to supply freshly oxygenated blood full of the required nutrients to the brain cells. At least 30 minutes of physical activity everyday will suffice the needful.

Apart from physical exercise, there are certain mental exercises called Neurobic exercises, that can be done any time, and reap tremendous benefits. These include:

            1- Switching hands:

Either a right handed or left handed, try to use the opposite hand for performing normal tasks. Initially it may be difficult, but using the non-dominant hand boosts cognitive abilities.

2- Wearing an inverted wrist watch:

This would help you to think and work really hard to find the current time. It enhances the brain activity.

3- Perform tasks with eyes closed:

Performing routine tasks like doing the dishes, brushing your teeth/hair, showering etc, with closed eyes trigger your brain tremendously.

4- Trying new routes while commuting:

Commuting via an unfamiliar route, to and from your routine stopovers, is found to help in activating additional brain cells.

5- Reading out loud:

Reading loudly enhances one’s imagination and visualization and increases focus.