Human beings are social animals and a good number of individuals do not do well when deprived of contact with others. Relationships provide meaning and reason to our lives like no other activity can. At a time when students are learning about being independent and responsible, they are anticipated to know the skills of developing significant or intimate relationships with others.

As we’ll discuss in the proceeding paragraphs, maintaining a healthy marriage requires sacrifices, attention and care. It helps to think of your marriage as a living thing in itself. Like all living things, it needs nourishment and protection. It calls for healing in times of sickness, and space to grow and flourish. These are all nice words, but what does that mean on a practical level? It means you should never take your marriage for granted.

Salma-Basharat3Salma Basharat has completed her MSC in Behavioral Sciences from Fatima Jinnah Women University After completing BSC in Botany, Zoology and Psychology. She did her 6 weeks internship in psychiatric ward of Benazir Bhutto hospital. Her areas of interest are mainly relationship counseling and addiction counseling. She is working with indoor as well as outdoor patients simultaneously with the aim of making difference in someone`s life and committed to the well being and restoration of her clients, facilitating them to evolve in a more tender way.

Editor: Talal Zubair

We’ll discuss in the going on paragraphs to maintain a healthy marriage one needs to require sacrifices, attention and care. It will help you to think of your relationship as a living thing which needs protection and nourishment like all other living things. Every relationship needs healing in the time of sickness and it also needs space to grow and flourish. On a practical level it means marriage is not something to be taken granted for, and you need to be very watchful against potential threats. Things that can harm a relationship are temptation, inequity in responsibilities, comparison with others, jealousy etc. It means you need to nurture your marriage with attention to detail.. It also means when things are bumpy, you need to take a break, think about what’s going on and what needs to be done to fix the situation; maybe even you need to think what is your responsibility in the matter and what sacrifice you need to make.


 Leave Things unsaid: leaving things unsaid or not voicing your problems can really harm your relationship. It will harm even more if you share your problems with people who are not in that relationship i.e. your friends, coworkers, neighbors. The problem is not how long two people have well-known each other, there still be things that they don’t know or don’t notice about each other and even if you assume that your partner knows what you are thinking, there are chances that they don’t.

Creating boundaries:  creating boundaries can help you to keep your relationship healthy prosperous and secure. By locating boundaries together, you can both have a stronger understanding of the kind of relationship that you and your partner are looking for. Creating boundaries is an expression of what makes you feel at ease and what you would like or not like to occur within the relationship. It does not mean mistrust and secrecy.