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Murk Qazi:

Some people wants to stay single and feel completely okay with it, they find meaning in their lives without connecting to someone by heart. They live their lives by comforting themselves on their own and absolutely enjoy the singlehood. There is also a category where people don’t want to stay single at heart but they’ll consider to stay single and live a better life than getting married.

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Deciding whether to stay single or getting married could be tough, there are some evidences that says that single people are far better than married people, personally and interpersonally but legal marriage also has its own benefits and importance. It offers instant status, credibility, privilege, and respect. Now the question is that how to make the choice between if you can live a better life as a single person or being married.
There are seven questions that you could ask yourself that can help you figure out whether single life is the best life for you or not.

1. Thinking about long-term romantic partner makes you feel excited or irritated?

Ask yourself if you like to date someone or do you like to stay alone? Do you keep telling everyone that you want someone in your life but when the times come you change your priorities?

2. How do you see your future your life with your spouse?

Do you and your potential spouse other than sharing their mood swings or stress, shares laughs, adventures, and even heartache? Do you and your partner have same vision regarding future and your dreams or you both have a different perspective?

3. How does thinking about past relationship feels like?

Think of your good relationships that you’ve ever been in the past and try to feel right now that how did you feel at that time?

Romantic relationships has more conflict and some people really hate being in a conflict. Those who are conflict-averse cannot be happier if they try to stick it out in romantic relationships Looking Single people are happier with their single lives, those who dislike conflict and cannot afford it.

Imagine the past when you were in a romantic relationship, were your thoughts still preoccupied by single life and you find yourself daydreaming about it?Did you like the your own time where you could read, work, surf the web, sports, watching TV, taking care of someone, cooking, not cooking, sleeping in, staying up until morning cause you were not answerable to anyone and would do anything at any time you wanted? Do you miss that life? Do you wish to go back to it?