What is Relapse?

Relapse is a problem that applies to variety of addictions.  Addiction can be due to mood altering drugs and alcohols related beverages. Addiction is a bio-psycho-social disease. By bio-psycho-social we mean, physical, mental and social relationship dysfunctionality.


hasnainAddictive diseased People:

Addictive diseased people have abnormal reactions due to the usage and non usage of addictive chemical substances.  relapse related symptoms can be so much intolerable that one actually starts taking the drug of choice to relieve oneself from the symptoms.


False Beliefs:

People get relapsed because of their false beliefs, hopelessness and they do not know what to do to prevent future relapse. These beliefs can increase the risk of relapse. They need hope, correct mistaken beliefs and chalk out a plan based on concrete information in order to free them from future relapse.



The course of relapse includes attitudes and behaviors that lead to addictive usage i.e. partial recovery or experience of pain and struggle in recovery signal that one is unconsciously preceding towards relapse zone.


Addictive Chemicals:

Addictive Chemicals are mood altering substances that produce alteration in the functionality of the brain, by altering the chemistry of the brain.


Recovery is:


1. Being abstinence, not using addictive chemical at all.


2. Learning to live a normal life.


3. Clear thinking that one cannot use drugs in little or occasionally and still recover.


4. When recovering, one passes through tendency to relapse. It is normal. It is important to give attention to the things which can leads you intentionally, towards relapse.


5. Be open and talk about your problem, tendencies with counselor, higher power, family members and supportive friends.


6. Safe oneself from slippery friends, slippery events, slippery places and slippery memories; all can trigger response towards relapse.


7. Religiously take your medicine and counseling.


8. Last but not least, be confident and positive about it. If others have done so can you.