The destructive behavior of the addict is usually obvious to friends and family. These loved ones find it hard to understand how the substance abuser can rationalize their behavior. The addict is able to do this by using denial and fallacious thinking. The addict not only justifies their behavior with lies but they also fully believe these lies. It is only by finally seeing the truth of their situation that the addict can finally begin the work that will set them free.

Addiction and Lies:

Addicts will tend to use many false and illogical arguments to justify their behavior. The lies that addicts tell themselves can include:

1: Life without alcohol and drugs is boring.
2: The belief that the pleasures involved in their early experimentations with alcohol and drugs will one day return. The truth is that as tolerance increases it becomes harder to rekindle these early highs.
3: They addict believes that other people complain about the substance abuse because they are kill joys or jealous.
4: The belief that substance abuse is due to people having special talents or increased creativity.
5: The idea that life in recovery is about deprivation. The addict believes that those who are in recovery feel like they are serving a prison sentence.
6: The belief that previous failed attempts proves that the addict can never get better.
7: The addict may believe that they have to hit a low rock bottom before they will be able to quit their addiction. The reality is that many addicts manage to give up their addiction without losing too much.
8: The conviction that those working in the recovery community are frauds and that there is no real effective path to sobriety.
9: The idea that the individual is a special case. They may agree that some people will suffer terribly because of substance abuse but still believe that they are a special case.
10: The individual will be able to explain away all the problems due to their substance abuse as being due to other people or bad luck.
11: The idea that life is meaningless so the best response to this is to get high or inebriated most of the time.
12: The belief that most ‘normal people’ like to drink alcohol or use drugs. This also includes the idea that the fact that some people do not use alcohol or drugs proves that they are abnormal.