“I am tired”. This is a common complaint among the youngsters, middle aged, elderly and even children. Feeling drained or exhausted after some hard mental or physical activity is normal. Such fatigue goes away with the rest. But if tiredness continues even after rest, it is abnormal.

salma-basharatThere are number of factors that cause fatigue. Diseases like hyperthyroidism, diabetes, heart problems, kidney disease asthma and fever can cause fatigue psychological issues like stress, anger, tension, grief, anxiety, frustration and negative thinking also suck energy from our systems. Environmental toxins, endless infection, allergies and negativity keep our adrenals working longer than required. So the glands become exhausted.

But there is another reason of fatigue, sitting for long suppresses the lungs so the blood supplied to the body is affected. Moreover, bad posture strains the spine. This causes muscles to overwork and become tired. Obesity also causes fatigue

Excess weight means excess stress on the whole body, organs, nerves and muscles. Restless sleep is another big factor causing fatigue, sleep apnea or snorting, phlegm issues cause nose congestion and hence an individual breaths through the mouth both quality and quantity of oxygen reduces with such breathing. Moreover digestive issues like ulcer, hyper acidity and heart burn also leads to restless sleep.

Nutritional deficiencies also cause fatigue. For example iron deficiency causes anemia, decreasing the ability of blood to absorb oxygen. The result is tiredness.

To get rid of fatigue the first step is always diagnosis. If it is because of some disease, treating it can restore your energy levels. Otherwise, you may need to modify your lifestyle to get your energy back. East a well balanced and nutritious diet includes whole grain like barley, wheat, corn, and oats in your diet as they are full of nutrition and energy. The key is to energize body is eating variety of foods. Egg, meat, legumes, lentils, and yogurt also vegetables like spinach, cabbage, and fruits are the real power houses.

There is a misconception that the tea and coffee are energizers. One feels the boost in energy as they raise bold sugar. But there is an instant fall of energy level as well that lead to weariness. Such fluctuation weakens nerves and muscles leading to chronic fatigue.

Exercise is also energizing because it generates as well as makes energy flow better. But for a fatigued person even thinking of exercise seems difficult. Simple yoga pose can be helpful along with meditation and breathing exercise.

Aroma therapy has provided effective in fighting fatigue since centuries. Fatigue is demoralizing and frustrating because it interferes with daily activities. But it is in your hands to beast it. Lift the heavy blanket of fatigue and throw it away to welcome an energized you.