The word enthusiasm comes from Greek: Theos which means “God” and Entos, which means “within”. The capacity to become enthused is a spiritual quality which stems out from inner self. Live life enthusiastically does not need self talk or motivational metaphors. It’s a mental state which is achieved through seeing life from spectator view. What is it that makes fawad-aly-shahright action right towards proper blend of enthusiasm? This really determine by the choices which we made in our life. All of our life is about making choices. We all know the consequences of making bad choices in life. Let’s talk about for a moment about right choices. 

Simply an action is right if it is useful for promoting happiness. Happiness, explained as a sum total of all pleasures. Pleasure is good and pain or displeasure is bad. More precisely, a choice is right, if it seems to produce the greatest possible amount of happiness.

Here are tips which are quite useful to live a live full of enthusiasm.


Seek friends and associates whose lifestyle and words inspire you in more productive way. It’s not possible that you totally avoid people containing negativity. Meet them with enclosed mind. Never tell yourself that you are not good because of the treatment you get in the interaction people with negative.


By talking to you is having introspection within. Mental conversations hold within you all day long. Write good about yourself. Talk good about yourself it will send positive signals towards you mind and whenever something bad happened in your life, instead to be depressed you draw out positive lessons. These lessons’s will then eventually bring happiness in your life.


Everyone in this world don not need more critics or more negative input; they just need better role models and more positive encouragement. Don’t use negative phrases such as, can’t, I will try, I have to, should have, if only, problem, difficult stressed, I, me, my, hate. Try to use words such as I can, I will, I want to, will do, next time, opportunity, challenging, motivated, you, your love. These small words if you use on daily basis will revolutionize your universe and open doors of sustained success for you.


Many people spend too much time everyday thinking about past. Don’t waste your time and energy in this way. Make a little room for forgiving others. Be happy on what you have right now. No one in history has found lasting satisfaction in chemicals or possessions. Real happiness comes out from good work, generous deeds and grateful thoughts.


Start thinking positively early in the day. If alarm annoyed you replace it with music. Never listen or watch news early in the morning. Look for and listen for the truth, rather than hear what you want to hear. Listen for the facts of the matter. Everything you think is only your opinion, based upon your impressions from limited inputs. Always consider the source and credibility of your values system.


Attention seeking people always need constant approval. Have the quiet confidence to let your actions speak for you. Get involved with positive peers who at least once a month meets for lunch or after work to discuss and brainstorm ways to achieve goals. Support groups that give you the most help; may include people from different ethnic groups, different life styles and different viewpoints.

To conclude get inspired by this famous quote of Henning Hansmann Interest and enthusiasm are the wellspring of continually evolving community life: they create bonds which unite us whether we are young or old, nearby or far from each other; they allow human warmth and love to be the formative forces in personal and community life and striving.”