According to research from Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse found that teens who start smoking marijuana at early, have lower their IQ scores. Early and frequent cannabis use can change the structure of the developing brain. UNICEF reported that Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug among Canadian youth and they are top users of cannabis in the world. Young people of Canada have the highest rate of cannabis use compare to other developed countries. Canadian teens are the world’s biggest users of marijuana in the developed world, but they use alcohol at greater rate.

Iqra Tariq 1Ms. Iqra Tariq currently serves as a Clinical Psychologist at Willing ways Lahore. She had done her Master’s in Applied Psychology, from Lahore Garrison University, Lahore. And graduated from Defence Degree College, Lahore.

Editor: Mr. Nadeem Noor

According to Porath Waller, there are certain effects of cannabis on teen brains,

  • Cannabis use harmfully affects motor and cognitive functions.
  • Frequent cannabis use is related with lower IQ scores, lower school performance and the risk of dropping out.
  • There is a link between psychosis and cannabis use.
  • About 1 out of 6 people who start using cannabis during adolescence will develop a dependency.


According to the research, “Adolescents are at particular risk for cannabis-related harms since their brains are undergoing rapid and extensive development”. The centre for substance abuse has done research into cannabis impairs driving, which is progressively more being accepted and prosecuted.