There are several reasons you should be cynical, irrespective of whether you are being told that Marriage Wins or Single Life Wins. What we said previously in article is what generally happens but exceptions are always there. There are couples who are married but they are much healthier physically and psychologically. Because when you find the right person than it completes you, you can have fun in your life and with that you can continue what you really wants to do. You can follow your goals and dreams too.

The married people and the single people are different people. Suppose a study described that the people who got married were doing better in some way. Remember, the people who got married chose to do so. If someone pressed single people into getting married particularly people who are “single at heart” and embrace their single lives they might not gain the same benefit. There is a dialogue of cartoon character saying that “If I got married, I wouldn’t live longer – it would just seem longer”


Individual differences always exist, people may have different experiences as some people live their best lives by marrying, whereas others live their finest, most genuine, most significant and pleasing lives by staying single. It is also possible that at certain time of our life we enjoy being single while at other time of life we need partner too. There are many couples who successfully spent their married lives and after being widowed they are satisfied with that life too and never wanted to marry again. In my point of view it also varies from partner to partner. One might have so good partner that after being widowed he or she never wanted to replace anyone else or in certain cases someone may have such bitter experience that he or she never wanted to take that step again.  

Something else is important, too, we have a better chance to live our best lives if we are not underprivileged or deprived in other significant ways and this is reality for everyone including married, single, or something in between. Staying single does not mean you do everything on your own, we are social being we always need someone to be with but when we get afraid of taking responsibilities. In certain countries, like in U.S., people who are officially married are more likely to be safe economically. This happens not just for the clear motives that they have a partner who possibly could support them financially and could share their loss. People share their living place, their rents, household responsibilities, upbringing of children and so on. In almost every country married people or even couples are given more facilities than single person, you can’t enjoy certain things or certain places at certain occasions if you are male and single. Moreover, financial security is what matters the most for people, particularly in Asian societies, people prefer those person who are financially stable.

Marriage, in modern American society, also gives couples with a whole array of undeserved honors, social, psychological, emotional, political, and cultural. In numerous ways that we occasionally don’t even notice, married people’s lives are appreciated and great while single people’s lives are downgraded or even ridiculed. It could also be concluded in a way that if single people achieve the same level of happiness and wellbeing in their lives like married people that means they have struggled hard enough to achieve it. They must have face greater difficulties and odds in achieving that level of well-being and it also suggests that single people have an inspiring level of resilience and splendid quality that is seldom acknowledged or accredited.