When you walk by yourself in life, success then comes in patches. When accompanied by other people in the journey of life you attain every possible opportunity. This phenomenon is termed as networking. Networking is such a skill by which your circle friends and teachers contributes more towards your life. They voluntarily share their experiences and skills to foster youfawad-aly-shah for better future. Networking is another name of having good relation with others and retains their sanctity as well. If you build a good network of people then they become a valuable asset for your personal life, professional life’s prosperity and growth. These are certain principles which govern the web of networking. We will discuss them as follow:-


          Good networking revolves around the principal of mutual give and take response. It cannot be developed if the person or people are selfish. Where you have the wish to become a progressive person; also demonstrate same feelings for your significant others. Try to add value into someone’s life. Famous writer Keith Ferrazi explains how good relationships and better networking benefit people? He writes that in his mobile phone he has hundreds of contacts whom of he by calling will call him back and add value into his life by sharing their experiences, wisdom and skills with him. Successful people always surround by a circle of notable, successful, talented and inspirational people. We often listen the word “Self made”. In reality we cannot attain success without the help of others. To making us a success there are so many other people who contribute to it. Anybody who has done a small favor for us or encourage us or inspire us to some extent contributes to our success and prosperity. For networking you find good teacher, good role models, good experts for yourself; along with it you also become a good contributor to others and creates comfort in others life. According to Emerson every person he meets he finds that person superior to him because of the learning experience. Mentoring others is also a key aspect of this relational networking. You nourish other people with your experience and knowledge. A young businessman at the end of seminar shares his success mantra with the participants that he was very much into making things comfortable to others. This mentality fetch him lots of success in life. By opening up your arms to those who are struggling in the process will eventually make your life worthwhile.


People who progress in life do have clear goals in life. Suitable environments are for those who create it by themselves. When we are aware of the fact that what we want from our life? What we want to become; then we do such things which we are passionate about. By creating a good network you receive feedback about your work. This feedback you got readers, critics customers and investors about your work. Often we are enriched in knowledge but poor in decision making. We are unable to apply our own knowledge. For example you are aware of health related issues by act less on advices which cure or cultivate good health. By having a relation or networking it is easier for you to make good decisions. Sincere friends make it easy for you. They guide you, teach, advice you to attain your goals more enthusiastically input and output criteria of information. Ordinary souls only restrict themselves to chitchat, sport, T.V and current affairs. Read good books. Acquire more knowledge about successful people. By doing this you will induce positive energy in yourself. Try to meet up with other professional as well. This will create versatility into your network participate into community build. Devote a little time for social network. Share your interests with others. The crux of networking is to feel that other people are important. Never degrade others. Never underestimate others. Always look for the hidden potential in people. The owner of VISA Company shares his secret of networking on a social network. He says that he makes a list of people responses he will be going to face. Never show or behave such emotions which in your opinion inappropriate for you. Then make a list of those responses which are good in nature. Always treat others with such responses. By practicing this you will able to increase your network. People who are always ready to help others border their way to become a successful person in life.