Written by:
Paras Mir

It’s time to set the new year resolution. How to start new year with new hopes and goals to become more successful, more creative and loving? This topic is the most debatable topic. People are practicing it from past several years. Some of us will take benefit of it others will just pretend to take it. There are many disagreements regarding the idea of making New Year resolution. Because this idea have not fully delivered its effectiveness. Research evidence regarding New Year resolutions has been set by the people and their achievement rate shows very interesting results. Researches show, less than 10 percent people attain their goals set by them on commencement on New Year. And more than 50 percent of them can’t even remember their promises when asked later. Seemingly, they forget those promises and resolutions set in January.    

Paras Meer Works as a clinical psychologist at willing ways. She joined willing ways in April 2017 as researcher and clinical psychologist. She has done MS (Health Psychology) and BS (Hons) in Applied Psychology from Lahore College for Women University, Lahore. Counseling Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Organizational Psychology and Research are her areas of interest and Specialty.

Editor: Haroon Christy

It’s comprehensible that people are careful about New Year’s resolutions. The 10 percent achievement rate are present in most extreme optimists cynical. If the odds are stacked against you, why even bother? Why it is difficult to initiate the task in which you’re expecting failure?

Whichever side of the argument you stand on, you will be right; just be certain that you are on right side for right purpose.       

Here are some stuff to ponder when determining whether to create purposes this year:

How can you inspire your brain with additional motivation? Being keenly involved in the search of an objective stimulates the brain’s desire axes, giving us a shock of excitement, irrespective of the consequence. We appear to originate as much desire from racing dreams as we do from accomplishing them.

Why people set same goals and aims, for every year? People who set identical aims year after year means tend to show the significance of these areas in their life, and strong desire to become skillful and fully developed in this area. It also indicate that you need to redesign your methodology and action plan to achieve your desired goals and objectives. Set the same goals this year but need to alternate your action plan.

If a person have tendency to overlook the set aim and resolutions? Replication and practice is the source of knowledge. Most of the individuals have tendency to mix up the goals with other’s goals and tasks. They does not set their priorities. That’s why they faced failure to act according to their set plan. The one solution to deal with problem is to remind yourself on daily basis for your set goals and resolutions. It trains your brain to work automatically on it. Human memory need exterior maintenance, make a list of your goals and set time frame for it. Mark your current achievement level for it. So evaluate yourself on regular basis for your performance. Acknowledge yourself if you do well and work within your time frame and set methodology.