Obsessive Compulsive Disorder symptoms characterize by an unwanted, recurrent thoughts or images and actions that disturb person’s mental state. Thoughts and actions take up time and energy when obsession interferes in thinking process of obsessive person. To maintain healthy living is difficult for the sufferers because an intrusive thoughts and impulses distract him.

Afreen-Muhammad-Naseem completed M.Phil from Institute of Clinical Psychology. After completion of study she worked at Pakistan Institute of Learning and Living as a Research Assistant/Clinical Psychologist. Her skills are in the domain of Psychotherapy Psychological and IQ assessment, Interview and History Taking, skilled in Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Rational Emotive Behavioral therapy and Family therapy.She had an internship experience in Karachi Psychiatric Hospital and PNS Shifa Hospital as an Internee Clinical Psychologist.

Editor: Samreen Masud

When an obsessive thoughts control someone thinking process, it drain out the ability to use will power appropriately and sense of pleasure to feel environment. Individual mind becomes trap in repetitive thoughts, images or words so he doesn’t respond to people and events. Individual with the diagnosis of obsessive compulsive disorder shows little interest in conversation, his reoccurring thoughts force him to engage in compulsive acts in order to overcome anxious state.


The influence of obsessive thoughts may vary, as some are mild in intensity and person is able to distract and engage in an activity. On the other hand, these fixated thoughts are extreme in a level that individual feels unable to control. Obsessions frequently occur with compulsive behaviors which are beyond conscious awareness and seldom come up with logical reasoning.   

A mental state of a person can possesses by obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors. These obsessions induce unremitting worry, flight of the imagination and seek out for answers of disturbing thoughts. The productivity of person’s intellect may lose, his sleep pattern become disturbs and even he feels lack of satisfaction in life. People with obsession can repeat rituals such as, check lock of door knobs, washing hands, prayers, taking bath, wash or change clothes and so on. Feeling of sense of oneself and ability to resolve problems analytically may affected badly when person get fixate to any particular thinking or behavior. Obsession and compulsion typically arises by fear or phobias. Fear of being contaminated, concern for orderliness, self harming behavior lead by aggressive thoughts and unwanted thoughts including anger, sexual or religious are the typical themes of obsession.

Obsessions In OCD

The sufferer feels great anxiety and disturbance because of undue obsessions that occur in frequent and forceful images, urges or thoughts. To overcome the anxiety or distress cause by obsession, individual perform another action as to feel better after doing so. This is called Compulsion or Compulsive Behaviors. These obsessive thoughts create distress in person’s life and he becomes apart from friends and family. Individual feels difficulty in making new relationships once he caged in obsessions and compulsion. Depression and self medicating with drugs or alcohol can severe the condition of the sufferer.