Almost everyone who enjoys short or long holidays is subject to what is commonly known as the post-holiday blues, a type of stressed or blue mood that can affect you in the phase after returning from a holiday.

Having to get back into the routine of daily can be a source of confusion and distress. In fact, for some people, post-vacation blues can result in a feeling that you no longer want to keep doing what you’re doing and all you can think about is making a huge change in your life.


During holidays we usually don’t practice our routines like sleep timings, walks, exercise, diet which ends the most exciting holiday into a huge source of anxiety and feeling of fatigue.

“Remember the difference between urgent and important ”

         In order to get back to the normal state quickly following steps can be helpful:

  1. Plan your vacation so that between going home and going to work remained at least one day.
  2. Beat your blues by releasing some endorphins through some physical activity like yoga-class, aerobics, stretching or going on a run. 
  3. Take care of your health and support your immune system. It would be great if, after returning from the holiday, you will begin to take vitamins (especially vitamin C).
  4. Set aside portion of your first day back just for prioritizing everything or, if you’re feeling anxious, do it the night before or on your  ride to home so you can hit back to work organized.
  5. Get yourself rolling by picking one thing at a time that you know you can finish that day and focus your energy on it. You’ll feel accomplished and like you’re already back to your work routine since you’re getting things done.
  6. Go to bed early before the next date starts. One hour of sleep before 12 midnight is equal to two hours of sleep after 12. Sleep between 8 – 9 hours.
  7. Maintain your normal calories counted meals after holidays. After eating more on vacations cutting down on foods in name of crash dieting can be a cause of adding days to these blues.
  8. Do pamper yourself after vacation:  take a hot bath, body massage and get the barber jobs if required. Pleasant feelings will help to join the spurt.
  9. Talk about your vacation by displaying photos from it. Print out photos and put them up in your home. Set your photos as backgrounds on your phone, computer, tablet, or social media profiles.
  10. Think about everything you learned and what you most want to take away from the experience. And then start planning again.