Just as anything else. Excess of everything is considered to be bad. Same is the case with eating. Overeating, a very common eating disorder that almost always leads to obesity. 

alihassanNowadays, during this blessed month of Ramadan we often adopt the behavior of overeating that in turn increases our body cholesterol and makes us feel heavy and uncomfortable. Overeating, often during the iftar and sehr, has a harmful effect on the body’s metabolism which might lead to metabolic disorders. This is particularly harmful for people suffering from diabetes. It is very possible to manage diabetes and fast side by side in fact as if you realize the importance of a balanced diet during the Sehr and Iftar time.

On the other end it is important not to skip the Iftar or Sehr meal altogether. The diet should be balanced just like your normal diet.

The whole point of the Fast is the self-control of body and mind. Hence our attitude towards the consumption of food should be controlled and balanced. Some of the tips that will help in fighting overeating particularly during the Ramadan are that when breaking your fast try to eat dates, drink water and go for the prayers. Continue your meal afterwards. This will not only help you in defeating the urge of overeating and over-consumption of food but also maintain blood glucose levels. 

The most important thing in fighting against overeating is self-control. Only through self-control can one maintain balance between his diets and avoid excessive eating. Remember to eat healthy and well-adjusted meals.