The craze of spending more than you can pay for buying things that you’ll probably never need is called overspending. It is just like a curse that might be encouraged by following trends of buying new things without taking into regard the amount of resources you have. Overspending often leads to exhaust of monthly income before the end of the month then leading people to live off the rest of the month cursing their luck. 

alihassanAt some point everyone does overspending, after all the feel of buying new things is great whether it’s a pair of shoes or just a simple garment. Some people might relate overspending as a way of releasing emotions; others might do it just for fun and where some have a habit of overspending. Such people are known as “Shopaholics”. Although there is nothing wrong with buying new and fancy things but one should know when to stop and know the limit of spending. Purchasing new things surely feels good but to know which commodity is a need and which a luxury, is important.

Analysts have found that the people overspend due to some of the following major reasons:

  • To impress someone.
  • To follow the trend.
  • Out of boredom and depression.

Hence the question arises that how do we stop overspending? Certain techniques and tips found to be very effective against overspending are:

  • Avoid Temptations for newer things.
  • Set a Monthly Budget.
  • Know what product is necessary and what just a luxury is.
  • Keep track of your cash / Be organized about your spending.
  • Minimum use of credit card / Try to pay direct cash.

The industries through media and advertisements always try to persuade people to buy the latest in the market by creating hypes and putting up sales on its products, all approaches just so that the public could spend unnecessary on the newer products. Being a responsible buyer never fall for these schemes and always defines your own needs and requirements. Certainly people suffering from overspending could make a lot of changes if they follow these simple steps.